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How much does it cost to charge an electric car?
Release Date: 19-03-2019

  The below table is based on an average electricity price of 14p per kWh. Please note that tariffs during the night are often cheaper than those during the day, and as such it is advisable t...
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Peugeot adds all-electric model to new 208 line-up
Release Date: 26-02-2019

  Peugeot have introduced the all-new 208 hatchback, set to arrive along with an electric powertrain model named the “e-208”. The new 208 has its sights set firmly on the class...
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Release Date: 13-02-2019

  Vauxhall’s popular Vivaro van is now available to order, expected to hit streets at the end of summer 2019. Vauxhall’s mid-sized van has finally been updated and will include...
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Non-Electric Private Hire Vehicles to get the Axe in Central London
Release Date: 21-12-2018

  The Mayor and Transport for London have announced plans to further reduce emissions in the capital for cleaner, healthier air. Taxis and other private hire vehicles, excluding zero emiss...
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The Mini Velar – Land Rover updates the Range Rover Evoque
Release Date: 23-11-2018

  The Range Rover Evoque has been completely overhauled for 2019, stealing many styling cues from its older brother, the Range Rover Velar. The Range Rover Evoque has been dramatically red...
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Plug-in Car Grant withdrawn for most low emission vehicles
Release Date: 15-10-2018

  The Government has announced changes to the Plug-in Car Grant (PiCG), which will reduce or completely remove the financial incentives for new low emission car buyers. On October 11th 201...
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Silent vehicles soon required to produce a noise at low speeds
Release Date: 11-10-2018

  Electric vehicles will be required to produce sound at low speed, to aid integration with pedestrians and cyclists. One of the joys of owning an electric vehicle is that they are almost ...
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The New BMW 3 Series
Release Date: 05-10-2018

   Now in its seventh generation, the 3 Series has been updated with a sleek new design and additional standard options. Some of the more technical improvements on the saloon consist ...
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Ford Transit Custom PHEV Revealed
Release Date: 22-09-2018

  The new Ford Transit Custom will be getting a PHEV variant in 2019, offering managers a new model to add to their fleet. After the success of the Transit’s redesign in 2018, Ford w...
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Green number plates could be fitted to electric vehicles
Release Date: 11-09-2018

  Electric vehicles might be fitted with green number plates, under Government plans to increase the awareness of low emission vehicles. The number plates might be introduced to electric o...
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EQC – Meet the first electric Mercedes-Benz SUV
Release Date: 05-09-2018

  Mercedes-Benz have announced their all-electric SUV model, the EQC, set to start production in 2019. The EQC will be first all-electric SUV from Mercedes-Benz, in a bid to move towards e...
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The brand new Audi Q8 - see the new coupé SUV.
Release Date: 27-08-2018

  The Q8 is to be the new range-topping SUV from Audi, offering assertive coupé styling and a sleek new interior. For a long time, the Q7 has perched at the top of Audi’s SUV ...
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Top Five Cars to Look Forward to In 2019
Release Date: 26-06-2018

As the year goes on, the car industry is steering further and further towards electric vehicles, with trends predicting an even larger spike for these sorts of vehicles as we roll into 2019. Ther...
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Wimbledon champion splashes out on new I-PACE
Release Date: 08-06-2018

  Andy Murray, a two-time Wimbledon Champion, has splashed out on a new Jaguar I-PACE – making him one of the first customers for Jaguar’s flagship electric model. During WWF&r...
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300,000 cars to be recalled by BMW
Release Date: 11-05-2018

  Due to an electrical fault, BMW plan to recall 312,000 vehicles that may be at risk of stalling without warning. It has been found that certain BMW models are at risk of having the brake...
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Ford has unveiled their new Focus model – here’s the lowdown.
Release Date: 16-04-2018

  The Ford Focus is undergoing a much-needed update for 2018. With sharper styling and an abundance of technology, the new Focus will rival the likes of the popular Volkswagen Golf. Like t...
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Poll: What fuel type will you choose for your next company car?
Release Date: 11-04-2018

  We're wondering what fuel type your next company car will have - will it be diesel, petrol, a hybrid or electric? Let us know below what fuel type you will decide on when choosing your com...
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The truth about Electric Vehicles and why you need to get one
Release Date: 22-02-2018

  Electric cars are fast becoming more and more popular as a vehicle of choice, with many favouring the environmental and economic benefits. However, whilst more than 120,000 drivers are enjo...
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The Fleet World Honours 2018
Release Date: 15-02-2018

  Fleet World held their honours for 2018 this month, naming the best when it comes to the motoring industry. In London on the Pall Mall, the 2018 Fleet World Honours were held at the Roya...
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The 2018 Nissan Leaf
Release Date: 06-02-2018

  Nissan have undergone production on their new Nissan LEAF, which promises a larger range than the previous model along with a total re-design. The LEAF is Nissan’s leading electric...
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The New Mercedes-Benz Sprinter
Release Date: 04-02-2018

  The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter has been the van of choice for many since it came on sale, and most courier companies wouldn’t disagree with this statement. However, in an ever-competitive...
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The hybrid London taxi is now certified
Release Date: 22-12-2017

The London Electric Vehicle Company (LEVC) have announced that their new hybrid London cab is now fully certified to carry paying passengers. LEVC announced the black cab back in July of 2017, h...
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The new BMW i8 Roadster
Release Date: 18-12-2017

The new BMW i8 Roadster has finally landed. The hybrid convertible is BMW’s latest offering in the supercar market. The i8 Roadster boasts the latest eDrive technology, as well as an intel...
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Two new vehicles from Tesla
Release Date: 20-11-2017

Tesla have recently unveiled two new all-electric vehicles, although they come from two very different categories. The first of the two vehicles is a Semi truck, which Tesla announced at a prese...
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Footage of the new BMW i8 Roadster
Release Date: 11-09-2017

BMW have released a video showcasing the upcoming BMW i8 convertible, going by the name of the BMW i8 Roadster. The new electric convertible is featured in a 20 second video posted to YouTube, w...
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The top 5 vehicles to lease between £350 - £450
Release Date: 30-07-2017

  So, you've got a considerable monthly budget to spend on your new lease, but aren't too sure what to get. Let us point you in the right direction. Here are the top 5 cars to lease for the m...
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Electric Vehicles by 2040
Release Date: 27-07-2017

  The Government has announced plans to ban the sale of petrol and diesel cars by 2040, leaving hybrid and electric vehicles to become the staple of the motoring market. Petrol and diesel ...
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New VED Regulations
Release Date: 22-06-2017

  From April 1st, we have seen some revised Vehicle Excise Duty (VED) tax bands come in to force. But how will they affect you?   If you are considering the prospect of buying a new se...
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Find out all about the London Motor Show
Release Date: 02-05-2017

The London Motor Show is returning to Battersea Park this weekend. 2016's inaugural event was held May 6-8 and attracted over 25,000 visitors, with weekend tickets sold out in just a short time. ...
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Bentley EXP 12 Speed 6e Concept Unveiled
Release Date: 14-03-2017

Bentley have introduced a brand-new concept. Defined as effortless, exclusive and exhilarating the EXP 12 Speed 6e concept car was showcased at this year’s Geneva Motor Show. A high-perform...
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The Geneva Motor Show - the only way is the hybrid way
Release Date: 09-03-2017

At the Geneva Motor Show Kia unveiled not only one, but two, plug-in hybrid models: the all-new Niro PHEV and Optima Sportswagon PHEV. Both are planned to go on sale in Q3 2017 and are expected to ...
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The Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV 2017
Release Date: 13-02-2017

This year Mitsubishi have revealed their all-new Outlander PHEV. A marginally revised version of Mitsubishi’s best-selling golden-child and successful plug-in hybrid SUV. The newest Outlander...
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The New Mini Countryman
Release Date: 25-01-2017

The Mini, a quintessentially British design, has been reinvented. With lots of modifications made to both the interior and exterior of the vehicle, this second-generation Countryman is redefining t...
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Unveiled: The VW I.D. Buzz
Release Date: 12-01-2017

Volkswagen have introduced their first-ever, all-electric vehicle at the Detroit Motor Show and this revised microbus is breaking grounds in every direction. Following on from Volkswagen’s...
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Revealed: The Kia Stinger GT
Release Date: 11-01-2017

Kia have taken on the likes of Audi and BMW by revealing their latest addition at the Detroit Motor Show this week. Available in the UK from September 2017, this vehicle has launched Kia to new hei...
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The Tesla Model X Review
Release Date: 13-12-2016

A fast, all-electric, all-wheel drive SUV with seven seats is breaking boundaries at an astounding speed. Extremely fast the Model X can reach 0-60mph in 2.9 seconds with a 100kWh battery which &n...
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The Jaguar I-Pace is coming…
Release Date: 17-11-2016

It’s time to get a little bit excited, not just because Christmas is right around the corner, but because Jaguar have recently revealed their I-Pace concept at the 2016 LA Motor Show. Althoug...
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The Workplace Charging Scheme
Release Date: 14-11-2016

The Workplace Charging Scheme Further information released… In an announcement recently made by the transport minister, John Hayes, it was stated that a grant of £7.5 million would b...
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Kia Niro Hybrid
Release Date: 18-10-2016

The Kia Niro Hybrid ‘2’ – Kia’s Answer for a Hybrid. The Kia Niro Hybrid ‘2’ model has been promoted as a practical family car which, by the way, just so happen...
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Should Motorsport be included in the Olympics?
Release Date: 11-08-2016

The Future of Motorsport in the Olympics The Rio 2016 Olympic Games began this week in Brazil. Millions of spectators across the world have tuned in to watch lots of action packed sports, from gym...
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Should Motorsport be included in the Olympics?
Release Date: 11-08-2016

The Future of Motorsport in the Olympics The Rio 2016 Olympic Games began this week in Brazil. Millions of spectators across the world have tuned in to watch lots of action packed sports, from gym...
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Futuristic cars sooner than we think?
Release Date: 08-07-2016

 Rolls-Royce 103EX Concept - Futuristic cars sooner than we think?  Rolls-Royce have recently released their concept, The103EX. Clearly recognisable as a Rolls Royce but n...
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BMW X5 xDrive40e review
Release Date: 31-05-2016

BMW is once again leading the direction of innovative driving pleasure with their new X5 xDrive40e, their latest Sports Activity Vehicle. The first plug-in hybrid production car from the core bran...
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Where will our cars be in 100 years time?
Release Date: 11-04-2016

The Future of the Motoring Industry  The wonder of what vehicles will become like in 100 years is a wide mystery. Seeing as in 1989 we'd thought we'd be having flying cars and hover boards by...
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Tesla Model 3 Revealed
Release Date: 07-04-2016

Tesla is continuing to head up its mission to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy with its brand new Tesla model 3. The logical next step of their “secret master pla...
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EXCLUSIVE: NEW Audi Air8 Released - First hover car revealed
Release Date: 01-04-2016

EXCLUSIVE Car release Audi have just offered a sneak peek of a brand new design that is set to be released early 2020. This is the New Audi Air8, a car that hovers 2 feet off the ground.As well ...
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New Kia Sportage Review
Release Date: 14-03-2016

The all new Kia embraces an exciting new future for its Sportage model... With an attractive brand new interior and exterior design, a whole host of advanced new technology features and a higher q...
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London Classic Car Show 2016 Review
Release Date: 25-02-2016

Petrol heads, motoring maverns and vintage-lovers rejoice for last week saw a show that was sure to get those gears in motion- The London Classic Car Show. Held at the London ExCel Arena, this show...
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Kia unveils three new hybrid models
Release Date: 16-02-2016

Kia has just unveiled three new hybrid models – the Niro SUV as well as a hybrid and plug-in version of the Optima. For the Niro, Kia has targeted CO2 emissions of 89g/km – although ...
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Citroen Berlingo Review
Release Date: 16-12-2015

"Ideal for if you need a van but want to drive a car." Although the Citroen Berlingo is a van, it has all the driving qualities of a car meaning it is easy to handle and to park yet suffices to th...
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Jaguar F-Pace Review
Release Date: 18-11-2015

The first SUV in their 70 year history, Jaguar’s new F-Pace is a real breath of fresh air for the prestigious brand. Despite entering the segment so long after their luxury competitors, JLR h...
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Tesla S Self Driving Car
Release Date: 06-11-2015

Self-driving cars may still seem like a long way off, but the reality is that they are here. And not just being developed in labs or tested on closed off race tracks either, for partially autonomou...
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Fleets lead the way for electric vehicles
Release Date: 29-10-2015

Thursday 22nd October saw Transport Minister Andrew Jones hail the significance  of UK vehicle fleets at the Future of Business Mobility business summit held in London. The summit saw company...
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Back To The Future
Release Date: 20-10-2015

 It’s almost time for us to go back to the future and experience it in the present, for the famous date of 21st October 2015 as set by Back to the Future is finally here. And whilst the ...
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Sexism in Car Adverts - Through the ages
Release Date: 27-07-2015

The past century has seen the face of women change significantly- from silent and objectified house-bound objects to equal figures in their own right. Between the early 1900’s to present day,...
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BMW launches new 7 series model
Release Date: 12-06-2015

BMW have today released pictures and specification for the new 7 Series saloon, including details of two new hybrid models. This sixth generation of the luxury flagship saloon is also a glimpse int...
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Porsche Gets The Plug?
Release Date: 29-05-2015

It would seem that in the next 3-4 years Porsche will be releasing their new car which will be featuring a plug! With the world of cars slowly moving into the Hybrid category it’s no surpris...
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The Best April Fools Pranks from Car Manufacturers
Release Date: 01-04-2015

  The automotive industry loves April Fools. Each year, it’s difficult to tell who is joking and who is telling the truth, leading to some comical comments and confused customers. It&rs...
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Jaguar’s new XF for 2015
Release Date: 27-03-2015

 The New Jaguar XF for 2015 The current Jaguar XF has been a roaring success for the British manufacturer. The fantastic design, wonderful build quality and impressive price meant the XF tick...
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The Ultimate Road Trip- Bloggers Study
Release Date: 20-03-2015

The evenings are getting lighter, scarves and gloves are being stowed back away in closets and we are beginning to slowly wind down the windows when we drive. And that can only mean one thing- summ...
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Racing to revolution: motoring at CES 2015 so far...
Release Date: 08-01-2015

The Consumer Electronic Show (CES) started this week and has kicked 2015 off with a bang. Motoring companies have only recently started to drive onto the stages of the consumer show, and this year ...
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Round up of 2014 top motoring moments
Release Date: 22-12-2014

2014 has been another rollercoaster year, with plenty of ups and downs in the world of motoring. We have put together some of the top moments from the past year...  January Revamp of the L...
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BMW’s radical plans to turn street lights into charge points
Release Date: 15-12-2014

BMW are planning a revolutionary prototype charging point, built into streetlights. The luxury car company recently unveiled their ‘Light and Charge’ streetlight which already has two p...
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A study into the UKs greenest councils
Release Date: 12-12-2014

Living in a green city is something which is becoming increasingly more important to people. This shows, with Caroline Lucas running the countries first green administration in Brighton. The UK has...
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Car powered by salt water approved for European roads
Release Date: 13-11-2014

A car that can run on salt water has just been approved to drive on roads in Germany. The car, which is powered by Nanoflowcell technology, has been in development for the last 14 years. Its first ...
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Regent Street Motor Show this weekend
Release Date: 29-10-2014

Whilst London is busy hotting up for a bit of Pre-Christmas shopping, the tinsel and gift-sets are put on hold this weekend, whilst London’s East End paves way for a one-of-a-kind motor show....
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BMW rivals Boris Bikes with new scheme
Release Date: 17-10-2014

We all love the innovative inventions that are Boris Bikes- the simple grab-and-go aspect being a vastly appealing factor. No more worrying about your bike being stolen from a flimsy lock outs...
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The World’s First 3D printed car hits the road
Release Date: 13-10-2014

The world’s first 3D printed car, The Strati, has recently hit the road with a test drive in Brooklyn, New York.  The car, which was created by Local Motors in Phoenix, is a two-seater ...
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Formula E Car to Star in Forza Motorsport 5
Release Date: 13-08-2014

It’s a good time for electric cars. The Tesla Model S and various other models have been doing a good job of increasing their reputation, and now they’re going to get even more popular....
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Jaguar XE to hit in September
Release Date: 29-07-2014

The Jaguar XE is coming, and it will be here sooner than we thought. Jaguar released new details on its upcoming saloon model which is now set to debut on September 8th. The legendary car manufac...
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Review: Infiniti Q50
Release Date: 16-07-2014

Building on Infiniti’s legendary sports aesthetic, the Q50 carries on the award-winning design, performance and technology leadership the brand is known for. This compact executive sedan is...
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Review: BMW 5-Series
Release Date: 09-07-2014

When it comes to the BMW 5-series, it has always been a favourite, and the new 5-Series is no exception.Winner of a string of comparison tests, and labelled ‘Germany’s favourite car&rsq...
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Which car is for me?
Release Date: 09-07-2014

Cars are like clothes. There is something for every occasion- the fancy over the top showy pieces, the bland blend-into-the background pieces, the suits anyone goes anywhere piece, and those that f...
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Review: Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV
Release Date: 04-06-2014

A mud-plugging Mitsubishi SUV with a PHEV engine is one way to describe the new Outlander. Eleven years after Mitsubishi first coined the term ‘Crossover’ this third embodiment of the c...
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Government scheme for Ultra-Low Emission vehicles
Release Date: 02-05-2014

The usage of ultra-low emission vehicles (ULEVs) is steadily catching on, with the enhanced environmental and cost benefits a great incentive for customers. However, to ensure the ULEV market reall...
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Nissan announce X-Trail and Juke prices
Release Date: 01-05-2014

Nissan have announced the full pricing and specification for the brand new X-Trail and the updated Juke.  The Nissan X-Trail will launch this coming July, with a choice between 2-wheel drive ...
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Review: Porsche Macan Diesel
Release Date: 16-04-2014

It might disappoint some Porsche enthusiasts who were hoping to see a new 911 or Boxster in the manufacturer’s line-up, but the choice to launch the Macan is a vital one for Porsche. It mea...
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My Electric Avenue trial begins
Release Date: 11-04-2014

Electric vehicles are fast increasing in popularity and now residents in Marlow have become the first of 11 neighbourhoods and workplaces to take delivery of their Nissan Leafs as part of a £...
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Budget penalises low emission vehicles
Release Date: 09-04-2014

Chancellor George Osborne has been accused of discouraging the take-up of ultra-low emission vehicles (ULEVs) following recent changes to company car tax rates announced within the budget.  T...
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RAC roll out tyre help service
Release Date: 07-04-2014

With 2014 looking to throw over 120,000 'puncture no spare' breakdowns at the RAC, they are launching a new mobile tyre-fitting service across 10 key city and urban centres.  A correlated ris...
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Hydrogen fuel collaboration leads to popularity increase
Release Date: 04-04-2014

A number of leading car manufacturers such as Hyundai, Honda, BMW, Toyota and Mercedes-Benz parent company Daimler, have joined hydrogen fuel supplier and energy consultancies from about the globe....
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New Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV
Release Date: 02-04-2014

Being branded the ‘Car without compromise’ the new Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV will offer customers the choice of diesel or plug-in hybrid SUVs for the same price. Launched in the UK this...
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Changes wanted to help learner drivers
Release Date: 31-03-2014

When it comes to learning to drive, you'd think it would be important that the topics to study and the Highway Code learner licence questions were kept with the times; however a survey of Approved ...
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Review: BMW i8
Release Date: 26-03-2014

The BMW i8 is set to be a revolution in the luxury electronic car segment. Named for its creation of pure-bred vehicle concepts, buzz is already generating around the slick and aesthetically pleasi...
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Budget sheds light on company car tax rates
Release Date: 20-03-2014

Chancellor George Osborne has revealed new details on company car tax rates for Budget 2014, as well as plans for simplifying employee expenses and benefits.   The Government responded to the...
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Are electrical vehicles as perfect as they seem?
Release Date: 19-03-2014

There is a great deal of hype surrounding electrical vehicles at the moment, and the vast amount of benefits they pose to both the environment and your wallet. However, past that noiseless engine, ...
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Electric car prospects improve
Release Date: 17-03-2014

With the future of driving steering further and further towards electric cars, Europcar has welcomed a new patent that brings forward this likelihood, helping improve public opinion on the vehicles...
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Volkswagen e-Golf available to pre-order
Release Date: 17-03-2014

The Volkswagen Golf is a firm leader as the manufacturer's bestseller, with over 30 million units to their name. And now they are taking a leap to the future with the brand new e-Golf. With drive t...
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Electric car chargers to be launched across the country
Release Date: 14-03-2014

Milton Keynes CrossLink, a network of electric vehicle rapid chargers, has been launched across the country four weeks ahead of schedule. Initiated by Milton Keynes Council, CrossLink’s cha...
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BMW i3 named Car of the Year
Release Date: 13-03-2014

In the first ever UK Car of the Year awards, the BMW i3 has won top honours. The i3 was awarded with the accolade of UK Car of the Year 2014, after already scooping up the Best Supermini award. T...
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2013 was a successful year for Nissan
Release Date: 04-03-2014

2013 was a successful year for Nissan, seeing a strong lift in both their car and LCV fleet sales with respective sales of 55,776 and 8,140. This is a 9% rise in car sales, and 39% for LCV's, helpi...
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Nissan take a LEAF out of their own book
Release Date: 04-03-2014

Nissan are celebrating the achievement of their 2013 sales being even better than before, a success which is thought to be greatly due to the popularity of their new electric car the Nissan LEAF, w...
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Renault celebrate low emission success
Release Date: 03-03-2014

Renault Group has become the first automotive group to have an average of below 115g/km CO2 emissions. This figure is based on its sales of passenger cars over the full year of 2013. Renault Twing...
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Ford Focus gets upgraded
Release Date: 24-02-2014

Ford has announced an update to the Ford Focus, upgrading its looks, tech and overall performance. With a new bonnet and grille, it has a lower stance than its predecessor and it looks slender with...
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Toyota announces plans for wireless charging
Release Date: 14-02-2014

Toyota is planning to begin the testing of a new wireless battery charging system for vehicles that use electric powertrains. Should it work, this technology will mean that in order to charge a hyb...
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Nissan Leaf leads market for electric vehicles
Release Date: 07-02-2014

Reaffirming its status as market leader of electric vehicles in the UK, Nissan celebrated 230 registrations in January for their Nissan leaf. This was up over a 1000% to sales in January 2013 cle...
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New website to improve views on electric vehicles
Release Date: 04-02-2014

Although the popularity of electric and hybrid vehicles is growing, there is still a certain amount of negative stigma behind them. The Government and UK automotive industry are hoping to quash the...
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Volkswagen introduce the all new Polo
Release Date: 03-02-2014

July will see the all-new Volkswagen Polo arriving in the UK ahead of its public debut at the Geneva Motor Show in March. The vehicle will be equipped as standard with an automatic post-collision ...
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Nissan introduce 1000th electric car chargers
Release Date: 31-01-2014

As the popularity and usage of electric cars continues to rise, Nissan has announced that 1,000 CHAdeMO quick chargers have now been installed in Europe, with the commissioning of the charger at th...
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Reluctanct attitude to Driverless Cars
Release Date: 15-01-2014

In terms of motoring technology, one project taking the front seat is driverless vehicles. With everyone from Volvo to Google hopping aboard the bandwagon, it is hardly surprising drivers are just ...
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Nissan designs new London Cab
Release Date: 08-01-2014

When it comes to trademark and iconic vehicles you would be hard pressed to find one more iconic than the London Taxi, yet even this vehicle is being revamped with next year seeing a fully hybrid, ...
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Poll reveals support for tax disc abolishment
Release Date: 06-01-2014

A recent decision made by the Government announced the abolition of the paper tax disc which will include a large revamp of the system which has been around for ninety years. This schemeis est...
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Volkswagen adds to Passat Line-up
Release Date: 03-01-2014

To add to its Passat range, Volkswagen has introduced the new Executive and Executive Style trim levels models to replace the Highline, Sport and R-Line variants. The Executive has a comprehensive...
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Paper tax discs abolished in 2014
Release Date: 16-12-2013

For the first time, motorists will be able to pay road tax in monthly instalments, with the old tax disc system being replaced. After ninety years, a new electronic system will see the old one bein...
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New Mercedes-Benz C-Class unveiled
Release Date: 16-12-2013

Heralding a new chapter in the Mercedes-Benz success story and setting new standards in the premium mid-range class is the all new Mercedes-Benz C-class. With an increase in space, new technologica...
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Highest number of new cars produced in 5 years
Release Date: 13-12-2013

With the largest amount of new cars being produced and sold since 2008, 2013 has seen the automotive industry take a big step in the right direction. And according to John Leech, Head of Automotive...
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Quick Look: BMW 2-Series Coupe
Release Date: 12-11-2013

Replacing the previous 1-series Coupe, March 2014 will see BMW celebrating a model that raises the bar in the premium compact segment with an aesthetic appeal and dynamic ability to more than rival...
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New battery developed by Volvo for EVs and hybrids
Release Date: 21-10-2013

A big problem with the batteries used in today’s electric cars and hybrids is that they are too large, heavy and expensive. However, Volvo Car Group has developed an alternative; a battery th...
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What if Apple really did make a car? Our Predictions
Release Date: 00-00-0000

Apple may be making a car. We give you our predictions for the 'Apple Car.'  Rumours have been whispered across social media for the past week that tech giant Apple are planning on entering t...
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Finance is subject to status. Pictures are for illustration only and may not be the exact model. Calls are recorded for training and quality purposes. Errors and Omissions Excepted.

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