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What Car? Have Revealed The Most Reliable Used Cars
Release Date: 16-05-2019

  Owners of used cars rated them on their reliability in What Car?’s online survey. 18,000 owners with vehicles aged 4 to 11 years old took to the site to rate their second-hand cars...
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Honest John Awards
Release Date: 03-05-2019

  Online review site Honest John has announced its 2019 awards, highlighting the very best vehicles from each category. HonestJohn.co.uk announced the multitude of awards at the Vinyl factor...
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Police to introduce mobile phone detection warning signs
Release Date: 12-04-2019

  Mobile phone detection warning signs will be installed in two regions in England, following successful trials in 2018. Thames Valley and Hampshire will be amongst the first to introduce ...
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2019’s Fastest Selling Used Cars
Release Date: 18-03-2019

  Data retrieved by Indicata UK has revealed which vehicles sell the fastest on the used car market. The survey analysed 98,500 used cars sold in February 2019. 60% of the top 10 run on pe...
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Motoring Guinness World Records
Release Date: 13-03-2019

   World's Longest Car Image Source: http://www.guinnessworldrecords.com/world-records/longest-car  In California, Jay Ohrberg designed the world's longest car in 1986...
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Peugeot adds all-electric model to new 208 line-up
Release Date: 26-02-2019

  Peugeot have introduced the all-new 208 hatchback, set to arrive along with an electric powertrain model named the “e-208”. The new 208 has its sights set firmly on the class...
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The Weird and Wonderful Manufacturer Merchandise
Release Date: 13-12-2018

  Most manufacturers have a line of merchandise available for the enthusiast, from the obligatory mug to the branded baseball cap - but there are a few odd offerings amongst the normal. Vo...
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Carbuyer 2019 Awards Announced
Release Date: 28-11-2018

  Carbuyer have announced the winners to their Best Car Awards 2019, covering 19 different categories. Every year Carbuyer announce the winners to its awards, ranging from best city car to b...
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Commercial Vehicle Registrations Up for October 2018
Release Date: 15-11-2018

  Registrations of van and pick-up commercial vehicles have increased in October 2018, according to the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT). In October of 2017, SMMT rec...
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FCA Group to be included in Crown Commercial Service
Release Date: 27-09-2018

  Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) UK is to be included in the Crown Commercial Service (CCS), meaning we could see FCA branded emergency vehicles in the near future. The Fiat Chrysler Auto...
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Ford Transit Custom PHEV Revealed
Release Date: 22-09-2018

  The new Ford Transit Custom will be getting a PHEV variant in 2019, offering managers a new model to add to their fleet. After the success of the Transit’s redesign in 2018, Ford w...
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300,000 cars to be recalled by BMW
Release Date: 11-05-2018

  Due to an electrical fault, BMW plan to recall 312,000 vehicles that may be at risk of stalling without warning. It has been found that certain BMW models are at risk of having the brake...
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March registrations are in - see what was most popular at the end of Q1 2018.
Release Date: 24-04-2018

  A study by SMMT has revealed which models had the highest registration numbers in March 2018. See which cars consumers have been buying and leasing the most so far this year.   ...
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Ford has unveiled their new Focus model – here’s the lowdown.
Release Date: 16-04-2018

  The Ford Focus is undergoing a much-needed update for 2018. With sharper styling and an abundance of technology, the new Focus will rival the likes of the popular Volkswagen Golf. Like t...
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The Flying Car - the newest edition to the Ford fleet
Release Date: 01-04-2018

  Ford have released details of a new model to be added to their vehicle line-up, offering a new way to beat rush-hour. By EU2016 SK (AEROMOBIL, SRO) [CC0], via Wikimedia Commons   ...
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The 2018 London Classic Car Show
Release Date: 21-02-2018

  This month, the London Classic Car Show was hosted at the ExCel centre in London. The 2018 show was a huge success, attracting thousands of visitors with the various models on display &ndas...
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The Fleet World Honours 2018
Release Date: 15-02-2018

  Fleet World held their honours for 2018 this month, naming the best when it comes to the motoring industry. In London on the Pall Mall, the 2018 Fleet World Honours were held at the Roya...
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The 44 UK cities that exceed WHO pollution guidelines
Release Date: 31-10-2017

The Royal College of Physicians (RCP) have released a study that details which UK cities and towns breach the recommended air quality levels that have been set out by the World Health Organisation....
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The most popular new car colours
Release Date: 19-10-2017

  According to The Society of Motor Manufacturers & Traders, superminis continue to be the most popular type of car sold up until Quarter 2 of 2017. But what colour is everyone buying the...
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The top 5 motoring museums to visit
Release Date: 19-09-2017

  With a ton of museums showcasing all manor of cars, motoring enthusiasts are spoilt for choice when it comes to days out. From vintage car exhibitions to unusual design collections, there a...
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The top 5 vehicles to lease between £350 - £450
Release Date: 30-07-2017

  So, you've got a considerable monthly budget to spend on your new lease, but aren't too sure what to get. Let us point you in the right direction. Here are the top 5 cars to lease for the m...
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Electric Vehicles by 2040
Release Date: 27-07-2017

  The Government has announced plans to ban the sale of petrol and diesel cars by 2040, leaving hybrid and electric vehicles to become the staple of the motoring market. Petrol and diesel ...
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Find out all about the London Motor Show
Release Date: 02-05-2017

The London Motor Show is returning to Battersea Park this weekend. 2016's inaugural event was held May 6-8 and attracted over 25,000 visitors, with weekend tickets sold out in just a short time. ...
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Ford introduces airbags outside of the car...
Release Date: 28-03-2017

Technology and safety of cars is always being improved, however it seems Ford are extending their protection from not only those sat in the car, but those outside of it. They are currently working ...
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Kia Niro Hybrid
Release Date: 18-10-2016

The Kia Niro Hybrid ‘2’ – Kia’s Answer for a Hybrid. The Kia Niro Hybrid ‘2’ model has been promoted as a practical family car which, by the way, just so happen...
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Top five cars for new drivers…
Release Date: 24-08-2016

Top Cars for new drivers… Congratulations you’ve passed!!! You’ve done the hard bit now it’s time to find you the perfect vehicle. Getting a new car when you’re a ...
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Tesla Model 3 Revealed
Release Date: 07-04-2016

Tesla is continuing to head up its mission to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy with its brand new Tesla model 3. The logical next step of their “secret master pla...
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Geneva Motor Show 2016 Car of the year
Release Date: 01-03-2016

If you’re looking for a motor event that drives all others right off the track, look no further than the Geneva Motor Show. 2016 sees the show being dominated by a whole host of prestigious ...
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Regent Street Motor Show 2015 Event Preview
Release Date: 26-10-2015

There’s nothing quite like a motor show to get your gears grinding and if you head to Regent Street on the 31st of October you’re in for a treat. The Regent Street Motor Show is the lar...
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16 Strangest Car Modifications
Release Date: 03-07-2015

Let’s be honest we’d all love to have the latest mod cons and personal touches to our car, but whilst our PR team were doing some R&D, they found some of the most unusual and strang...
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Ford Helps Promote the Upcoming Game Halo 5
Release Date: 25-06-2015

With the world’s premier conference for computer, video and mobile games (E3) now at a close, where games were shown left to right, and what better way to promote your upcoming game than to g...
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Goodwood Festival Of Speed 2015
Release Date: 11-06-2015

It’s almost here! The Goodwood festival is fast approaching and with over 100,000 cars, motorsport and motorbike enthusiasts will get all they could want and more. The festival will be on the...
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Fit for royalty! Our top car picks for the Royal family
Release Date: 15-05-2015

From the UK to numerous countries around the world, the birth of the second child of the Duchess of Cambridge & Prince William was a highly anticipated one. And as the new Princess reaches her ...
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Ford Anti-Speeding Technology - The End of Speeding?
Release Date: 27-03-2015

 Have Ford have created technology that will save lives and reduce speeding tickets? Ford is planning to release a vehicle which can read road and speed signs and adjust vehicle speed accordi...
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The Ultimate Road Trip- Bloggers Study
Release Date: 20-03-2015

The evenings are getting lighter, scarves and gloves are being stowed back away in closets and we are beginning to slowly wind down the windows when we drive. And that can only mean one thing- summ...
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Review Mitsubishi L200 Challenger 2015
Release Date: 23-02-2015

  Just how good is the new Mitubishi L200 Challenger for 2015? We take a look. 2006 saw the L200 first arrive onto the scene, riding proudly on the previous success of its predecessors. Howe...
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New Ford Mustang comes to Europe
Release Date: 23-01-2015

American Muscle comes to the UK with the Ford Mustang - will it live up to the hype? The Ford Mustang. A vehicle that is as much iconic as it is timeless; has been a prevalent figure of stature in...
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London Classic Car Show 2015
Release Date: 02-01-2015

Calling all petrol heads, motoring mavens and classic car collectors- for there is an unmissable show coming to London’s ExCel centre this week. CLICK HERE TO WIN A PAIR OF TICKETS TO THE SH...
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Round up of 2014 top motoring moments
Release Date: 22-12-2014

2014 has been another rollercoaster year, with plenty of ups and downs in the world of motoring. We have put together some of the top moments from the past year...  January Revamp of the L...
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The rise of blogging and our top motoring blogs
Release Date: 15-12-2014

It is hard to believe that a meagre ten years ago, bloggers were pretty much non-existent. Personal thoughts and feelings, opinions and day-to-day life details were mostly retained in a paper diary...
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A study into the UKs greenest councils
Release Date: 12-12-2014

Living in a green city is something which is becoming increasingly more important to people. This shows, with Caroline Lucas running the countries first green administration in Brighton. The UK has...
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Alternative Route Finance Christmas Gift Guide
Release Date: 20-11-2014

Christmas is finally upon us, and with less than five weeks to go, it is about time you got started on your Christmas Shopping. And if you have a car lover in the family, it can sometimes be a litt...
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Regent Street Motor Show this weekend
Release Date: 29-10-2014

Whilst London is busy hotting up for a bit of Pre-Christmas shopping, the tinsel and gift-sets are put on hold this weekend, whilst London’s East End paves way for a one-of-a-kind motor show....
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The new Ford Mondeo- Review
Release Date: 13-10-2014

The new Ford Mondeo was announced last month, and it has some interesting new technology. The pick of the bunch has to be the Mondeo’s ‘pedestrian detection system’. The new sa...
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Exclusive Competition: Win tickets to the Beaulieu Motoring Museum
Release Date: 24-09-2014

As any motor enthusiast will know, a car is so much more than a means to get from A to B. For there is so much more to know and love about vehicles, from that smell of petrol and the gleam of pai...
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5 of the Most Stupid Car Accessories Ever
Release Date: 12-08-2014

We’ve all been tempted to spend some of our hard-earned money on superfluous accessories for our cars over the years. Sometimes it’s a funny sticker, others it’s a witty floor mat...
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7 Cars that Symbolise Success
Release Date: 29-07-2014

There are several signs of success that you can use to tell whether or not you’ve “made it”. One is obviously the size of your pay cheque, but there are three other signs that mak...
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Which car is for me?
Release Date: 09-07-2014

Cars are like clothes. There is something for every occasion- the fancy over the top showy pieces, the bland blend-into-the background pieces, the suits anyone goes anywhere piece, and those that f...
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Goodwood Festival of Speed draws record crowds
Release Date: 04-07-2014

Goodwood’s Festival of Speed 2014 attracted crowds of 200,000 this year, according to the West Sussex-based circuit. It was the largest and most successful event in the event’s histor...
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5 reasons you should go to The Supercar Event
Release Date: 17-06-2014

It’s that time again for one of the most family-friendly car events of the year, held by children’s charity The Children’s Trust. With some of the most gorgeous and awe-inspiring ...
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Top 10 most famous cars
Release Date: 13-06-2014

Film & TV has done wonders for so many cars over the decades. Ordinary cars that might have been resigned to the scrap heap or simply forgotten about over the generations have seen their popula...
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Worst selling cars of all time
Release Date: 09-06-2014

 We hear a lot about which cars sell well and which don’t, but how about the cars which have sold the worst ever… Pontiac Aztek- 5,020 models sold in 2005 This vehicle was such ...
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Best selling cars of all time
Release Date: 09-06-2014

 Whether they have been in production for a long time, or their qualities have made them unmissable, we have created a list of the top 5 selling cars…      Toyota ...
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Mini Hatchback opens its doors to fleets
Release Date: 09-06-2014

 Anyone who is anyone will recognise Minis by their typical 2-door stance, however, they are now adding another pair of doors to their erstwhile hatchback, signalling that the BMW-era Mini is ...
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5 worst and ridiculously funny car names of all time
Release Date: 03-06-2014

We’ve been graced with some truly remarkable cars since their conception. We’ve also been witness to some mechanical abominations. Good or bad, everyone likes to name their creation &nd...
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8 best car movie moments
Release Date: 02-06-2014

Throughout the years, we’ve been treated to a wide variety of car movies; some good ones, some great ones and ultimately some bad ones too. But today we’re here to remember some of the ...
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Ford Fiesta voted Car of the Year
Release Date: 20-05-2014

The Telegraph has crowned the Ford Fiesta as its Car of the Year for 2014. Readers of the newspaper were told to vote for their favourite cars in seven different categories as part of the Telegraph...
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Intervention can reduce insurance claims by up to 60%
Release Date: 19-05-2014

Insurance claims can be very costly. However if intervention instantly follows a driving incident, claims can be reduced by as much as 60%. This statistic comes from Ben Burford, the Managing Dir...
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New remote payment for Dartford Crossing
Release Date: 13-05-2014

At present, to pass the Dartford Crossing, you are required to pay at the barriers before driving through, a system which creates a large amount of unnecessary congestion. However, as of October 20...
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Fleets ranked for MOT pass rate
Release Date: 06-05-2014

When it comes to choosing a best-selling car, you would not envisage a failed MOT being part of the deal; however it seems that some of the best-selling cars in fleets today have a one in four chan...
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Government scheme for Ultra-Low Emission vehicles
Release Date: 02-05-2014

The usage of ultra-low emission vehicles (ULEVs) is steadily catching on, with the enhanced environmental and cost benefits a great incentive for customers. However, to ensure the ULEV market reall...
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Top tips to save money on fuel
Release Date: 02-05-2014

When it comes to expenditure whilst driving, one of the most money-draining aspects is fuel. However, a recent survey by Ford on European drivers, found that four easily-applied fuel-saving tips co...
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Vauxhall Vivaro revealed in Birmingham
Release Date: 29-04-2014

The new Vauxhall Vivaro will made its first public appearance at this year’s CV Show. It’s the first unveiling of the van since its completion was finished at Vauxhall’s manufactu...
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DPF problems push petrol
Release Date: 22-04-2014

Diesel cars have been climbing the popularity ranks; however driver ignorance could push petrol back up on the fleet agenda if problems persist with diesel particulate filters (DPFs).  DPFs h...
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Government not doing enough to fix potholes
Release Date: 11-04-2014

So far this year the Government have provided £200 million to fix the nation’s pothole problem, but experts claim it isn’t anywhere near enough. The additional funds mean that a t...
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Millions of pounds wasted on Motorway Litter
Release Date: 08-04-2014

When it comes to millions of pounds being spent on Britain’s motorways, you wouldn’t envisage this great sum was all for waste. Quite literally. For picking up litter and waste from the...
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Release Date: 28-03-2014

When it comes to driving, you may not be surprised to find that the journey home has been voted motorist's favourite drive.  A new survey conducted by Halfords found that car owners put the a...
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Drivers warned of new MOT laws
Release Date: 17-03-2014

As of last month, new MOT laws came into place regarding diesel particulate filters (DPFs) and drivers of diesel cars are being warned not to fall foul of charges as a result.  This guidance ...
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Licence Bureau and Skanska delivering schooling youngsters on safety
Release Date: 17-03-2014

Six high schools will be taking part in interactive training sessions held by Skanska and Licence Bureau, looking for any potential company car drivers out of the 1,000 six formers taking part. T...
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Electric car chargers to be launched across the country
Release Date: 14-03-2014

Milton Keynes CrossLink, a network of electric vehicle rapid chargers, has been launched across the country four weeks ahead of schedule. Initiated by Milton Keynes Council, CrossLink’s cha...
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Nearly 32 million cars on road in UK
Release Date: 13-03-2014

The UK car parc has increased to over 436,000 units due to new car registrations and the increased lifespans of cars already on the road, according to the SMMT. SMMT have been conducting research...
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Ford Focus gets upgraded
Release Date: 24-02-2014

Ford has announced an update to the Ford Focus, upgrading its looks, tech and overall performance. With a new bonnet and grille, it has a lower stance than its predecessor and it looks slender with...
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60% of drivers admit to eating and driving
Release Date: 20-02-2014

Road safety charity Brake and Direct Line are urging drivers to avoid eating food while driving. Research suggests that 62% (more than 6 in 10 people) of people eat at the wheel. Nearly a third (29...
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ATS Euromaster offer brake checks
Release Date: 17-02-2014

With continuous heavy downpours affecting the majority of the UK, it is important driver's brakes are in fully functioning order to ensure that cars and vans have maximum stopping power and prevent...
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Drivers opt for practical rather than luxury vehicles
Release Date: 12-02-2014

When it comes to researching the long-term ownership costs of a vehicle, priorities are changing. New results show that when it comes to choosing a car, consumers will elect for practicality over l...
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Fleet and lease values rise
Release Date: 12-02-2014

January saw fleet and lease values rise an impressive 8.1%. In figures released from BCA’s latest Pulse report, the average value for fleet and lease cars rose by £56 between December a...
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Councils fine drivers in wrong lane
Release Date: 11-02-2014

All drivers know the importance of staying in the corrent lanes, not only is there a high risk of an accident, but if you manage to get away unscathed chances are high that you will recieve a hefty...
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Drivers paying £1.2bn in pothole damage repair bills
Release Date: 11-02-2014

Experts claim that we are about to experience the worst pothole season ever seen in the UK. Due to the incredible amount of rain and wet weather and potentially freezing conditions in the next few...
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Nissan Leaf leads market for electric vehicles
Release Date: 07-02-2014

Reaffirming its status as market leader of electric vehicles in the UK, Nissan celebrated 230 registrations in January for their Nissan leaf. This was up over a 1000% to sales in January 2013 cle...
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Audi Q3 hits top selling list
Release Date: 28-01-2014

Glass revealed this week that the Audi Q3 has taken first place in this month's league of fastest selling cars with an average of 33.5 days of Britain's forecourts.  The first place victory w...
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More pothole problems
Release Date: 28-01-2014

January is normally a month where money is tight, hard earnt cash splashed out on countless Christmas presents is taking its toll, and bills are looming. One thing most people do not need, are furt...
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Review: Jaguar F-Type Coupé
Release Date: 17-01-2014

Jaguar’s latest instalment in the F-Type range is one of the best sports cars that the company has ever produced; not only is it dynamically designed, but Jaguar really decided to focus on th...
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Ford brings 3 new models to UK
Release Date: 15-01-2014

Following on from Vauxhall's ambition to nab the top spot by 2016, Ford is bidding to retain UK leadership by bringing in a trio of models next year. Bringing an iconic American sports car, a new S...
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Brake hold crisis response training course
Release Date: 14-01-2014

Brake, the road safety charity is holding an Essential Crisis Response training course over a single day to which they are inviting all HR and Fleet Management workers to attend. Sponsored by FMG,...
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Nissan designs new London Cab
Release Date: 08-01-2014

When it comes to trademark and iconic vehicles you would be hard pressed to find one more iconic than the London Taxi, yet even this vehicle is being revamped with next year seeing a fully hybrid, ...
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Drivers lack basic Tyre check knowledge
Release Date: 18-12-2013

When it comes to checking your tyres, the method one third of drivers (42% men and 30% women) deem appropriate is one perhaps not so conventional- kicking them. This method is useless in telling ab...
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Government create jobs in 2014 motorway venture
Release Date: 15-11-2013

In the biggest investment since the 1970s, the Government is planning a £1.9 billion venture on British road that is hoping to rake in over 9,500 jobs, as well as allow Britain's motorways to...
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Vehicle downtime amounts to £30,000 a year
Release Date: 12-11-2013

At a time where finances are hard, most particularly for SMEs it is vital to make every penny count, yet Ford Retail have released findings that reveal unnecessary expenditure is being made in unex...
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Euro-NCAP test autonomous braking systems
Release Date: 11-11-2013

New 2014 safety rating procedures will see Euro NCAP giving credit to vehicle manufacturers whose models feature robust forward collision warning and/or automatic braking technology, and now they h...
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ACFO Awards 2013
Release Date: 08-11-2013

Since 1973, once a year, around the beginning of November, ACFO (Association of Car Fleet Operators) members and guests gather for the ACFO awards to see which cars have driven to the top. This yea...
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Audi 4th best-selling manufacturers in UK
Release Date: 05-11-2013

Audi has crept around competition to become the fourth best-selling manufacturer in the UK, just behind Ford, Vauxhall and Volkswagen; helped by its long-standing policy to expand its model li...
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What if Apple really did make a car? Our Predictions
Release Date: 00-00-0000

Apple may be making a car. We give you our predictions for the 'Apple Car.'  Rumours have been whispered across social media for the past week that tech giant Apple are planning on entering t...
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