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Honest John Awards
Release Date: 03-05-2019

  Online review site Honest John has announced its 2019 awards, highlighting the very best vehicles from each category. HonestJohn.co.uk announced the multitude of awards at the Vinyl factor...
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Motoring Guinness World Records
Release Date: 13-03-2019

   World's Longest Car Image Source: http://www.guinnessworldrecords.com/world-records/longest-car  In California, Jay Ohrberg designed the world's longest car in 1986...
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Non-Electric Private Hire Vehicles to get the Axe in Central London
Release Date: 21-12-2018

  The Mayor and Transport for London have announced plans to further reduce emissions in the capital for cleaner, healthier air. Taxis and other private hire vehicles, excluding zero emiss...
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London to receive speed limit cut
Release Date: 30-07-2018

  In a bid to reduce the number of people seriously injured or killed on the streets of London, the Mayor of London, the Transport for London and the Metropolitan Police Service have launched...
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Volvo and Amazon create unique ordering service
Release Date: 15-06-2018

  You will soon be able to order a Volvo V40 test drive using delivery service Amazon Prime. Amazon and Volvo have joined forces to pilot a new scheme allowing users to order a test drive ...
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The 2018 London Classic Car Show
Release Date: 21-02-2018

  This month, the London Classic Car Show was hosted at the ExCel centre in London. The 2018 show was a huge success, attracting thousands of visitors with the various models on display &ndas...
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The Fleet World Honours 2018
Release Date: 15-02-2018

  Fleet World held their honours for 2018 this month, naming the best when it comes to the motoring industry. In London on the Pall Mall, the 2018 Fleet World Honours were held at the Roya...
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The 2018 Nissan Leaf
Release Date: 06-02-2018

  Nissan have undergone production on their new Nissan LEAF, which promises a larger range than the previous model along with a total re-design. The LEAF is Nissan’s leading electric...
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Find out about the Classic Car Show 2018 plus WIN a pair of tickets!
Release Date: 29-01-2018

  The London Classic Car Show is back for 2018! From a Getaway Car feature to a runway of special vehicles on the ‘Grand Avenue’, this year is set to add to the massive success of...
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The hybrid London taxi is now certified
Release Date: 22-12-2017

The London Electric Vehicle Company (LEVC) have announced that their new hybrid London cab is now fully certified to carry paying passengers. LEVC announced the black cab back in July of 2017, h...
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The 44 UK cities that exceed WHO pollution guidelines
Release Date: 31-10-2017

The Royal College of Physicians (RCP) have released a study that details which UK cities and towns breach the recommended air quality levels that have been set out by the World Health Organisation....
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The top 5 motoring museums to visit
Release Date: 19-09-2017

  With a ton of museums showcasing all manor of cars, motoring enthusiasts are spoilt for choice when it comes to days out. From vintage car exhibitions to unusual design collections, there a...
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New Toxic Charge to hit London drivers - All you need to know
Release Date: 17-08-2017

As of the 23rd of October 2017 (the annual autumn half term) a £10 toxic T-Charge will be introduced to central London to target high emission vehicles. This is set to be the toughest emissio...
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Electric Vehicles by 2040
Release Date: 27-07-2017

  The Government has announced plans to ban the sale of petrol and diesel cars by 2040, leaving hybrid and electric vehicles to become the staple of the motoring market. Petrol and diesel ...
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Find out all about the London Motor Show
Release Date: 02-05-2017

The London Motor Show is returning to Battersea Park this weekend. 2016's inaugural event was held May 6-8 and attracted over 25,000 visitors, with weekend tickets sold out in just a short time. ...
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Bentley EXP 12 Speed 6e Concept Unveiled
Release Date: 14-03-2017

Bentley have introduced a brand-new concept. Defined as effortless, exclusive and exhilarating the EXP 12 Speed 6e concept car was showcased at this year’s Geneva Motor Show. A high-perform...
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Fleet World Honours 2017
Release Date: 06-03-2017

The prestigious Fleet World Honours returned this year and once again honoured vehicles that were best in their class. Sponsored by BT Fleet, this year’s event took place on Tuesday February ...
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London Classic Car Show 2017 Review
Release Date: 02-03-2017

The relatively newish show has now developed into a fully-fledged motoring spectacle which, in its third year, played host to over 700 classics. Fit for both enthusiasts and experts this must-atten...
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London Classic Car Show 2017
Release Date: 03-02-2017

London Classic Car Show 2017 The London Classic Car show is returning for 2017 with more exhausts, metal and engines than ever before. If your ideal weekend is spent meandering around a myriad of ...
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Diesel driver’s doomed to pay noxious charge?
Release Date: 04-11-2016

Diesel driver’s doomed to pay noxious charge? Diesel drivers could be charged on entering city centres after a high court ruling on Wednesday stated that the government’s current plan...
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Longest-Running Motoring Event Celebrates its 120th Year
Release Date: 26-10-2016

Longest-Running Motoring Event Celebrates its 120th Year You’ve heard of remember, remember the 5th November but this year you must also remember the 6th November… Bonhams Veteran Ca...
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Budget 2016: The Impact on the Motoring Industry
Release Date: 06-04-2016

The new budget has finally been announced so we have put together all the key points and how it will affect fleets and the motoring industry... Fuel Duty Despite there being a pencilled-in rise ...
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London Classic Car Show 2016 Review
Release Date: 25-02-2016

Petrol heads, motoring maverns and vintage-lovers rejoice for last week saw a show that was sure to get those gears in motion- The London Classic Car Show. Held at the London ExCel Arena, this show...
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London Classic Car Show 2016
Release Date: 19-01-2016

Following on from the immense success of the Classic Car Show’s inaugural show in 2015, it is returning with a bang in 2016- even bigger and better than before. The must-attend event for a...
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Bonhams London to Brighton Veteran Car Run 2015
Release Date: 29-10-2015

Remember, remember, the 1st of November… Be sure to mark your calendar this weekend for the annual Bonhams London to Brighton Veteran Car Run. This much-celebrated event commemorates the E...
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Fleets lead the way for electric vehicles
Release Date: 29-10-2015

Thursday 22nd October saw Transport Minister Andrew Jones hail the significance  of UK vehicle fleets at the Future of Business Mobility business summit held in London. The summit saw company...
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Regent Street Motor Show 2015 Event Preview
Release Date: 26-10-2015

There’s nothing quite like a motor show to get your gears grinding and if you head to Regent Street on the 31st of October you’re in for a treat. The Regent Street Motor Show is the lar...
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Jaguar XF launches in London
Release Date: 17-04-2015

Are you on the prowl for a vehicle with a little more bite? Something with uncompromised comfort, refinement and control like never before? Look no further than the new Jaguar XF second gen. Celeb...
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A debate into Speed Cameras
Release Date: 09-02-2015

  Are speed cameras really beneficial to cutting road accidents? We investigate to find out more. Speed cameras have long since been the subject of debate; from boardrooms to front rooms, th...
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Classic Car Show 2015 review
Release Date: 16-01-2015

For any classic car fan, an inaugural event over the last weekend was one most certainly deemed to set your gears into motion. Hosted at the ExCel centre, thousands of classic car enthusiasts flock...
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London Classic Car Show 2015
Release Date: 02-01-2015

Calling all petrol heads, motoring mavens and classic car collectors- for there is an unmissable show coming to London’s ExCel centre this week. CLICK HERE TO WIN A PAIR OF TICKETS TO THE SH...
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Round up of 2014 top motoring moments
Release Date: 22-12-2014

2014 has been another rollercoaster year, with plenty of ups and downs in the world of motoring. We have put together some of the top moments from the past year...  January Revamp of the L...
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Review: Jaguar XE
Release Date: 10-11-2014

The Jaguar XE’s first deliveries are set for May 2015 but the hype has started already. The XE came out of the blocks with a bang, after being first introduced in London; the XE was flown ove...
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Rain failed to dampen the Veteran Parade
Release Date: 03-11-2014

You would think that vehicles dating back over decades would have seen more than their fair share of rain, yet Sunday’s weather decided they hadn’t seen quite enough, with a torrential ...
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Regent Street Motor Show this weekend
Release Date: 29-10-2014

Whilst London is busy hotting up for a bit of Pre-Christmas shopping, the tinsel and gift-sets are put on hold this weekend, whilst London’s East End paves way for a one-of-a-kind motor show....
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BMW rivals Boris Bikes with new scheme
Release Date: 17-10-2014

We all love the innovative inventions that are Boris Bikes- the simple grab-and-go aspect being a vastly appealing factor. No more worrying about your bike being stolen from a flimsy lock outs...
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Which car is for me?
Release Date: 09-07-2014

Cars are like clothes. There is something for every occasion- the fancy over the top showy pieces, the bland blend-into-the background pieces, the suits anyone goes anywhere piece, and those that f...
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Brake offers advice to help drivers remain safe
Release Date: 16-05-2014

At-work drivers are a high risk group on our roads, and this is why Brake is calling for all businesses to make sure their vehicles are safe to be on the road and avoid any unnecessary crashes. T...
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DPF problems push petrol
Release Date: 22-04-2014

Diesel cars have been climbing the popularity ranks; however driver ignorance could push petrol back up on the fleet agenda if problems persist with diesel particulate filters (DPFs).  DPFs h...
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London to introduce ultra low emission zone
Release Date: 11-04-2014

In a major first for the city, Transport for London (TFL) is preparing a consultation on creating the world's first ultra-low emission zone (ULEZ) which would incorporate everything from motorcycle...
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Road safety improvements
Release Date: 07-04-2014

Statistics have revealed that up to a third of all road accidents in the UK involve someone who is at work, resulting in over 20 fatalities and 250 serious injuries a week. It is because of this th...
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Hydrogen fuel collaboration leads to popularity increase
Release Date: 04-04-2014

A number of leading car manufacturers such as Hyundai, Honda, BMW, Toyota and Mercedes-Benz parent company Daimler, have joined hydrogen fuel supplier and energy consultancies from about the globe....
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Londons new ParkAround App
Release Date: 02-04-2014

When it comes to parking, how often have you been driving round in circles trying to spot a space, finding one only to have someone in front quickly dive into the spot? Well now you can avoid that ...
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Speed reduction limit implemented
Release Date: 02-04-2014

Recent research into speed limits on specific areas found overwhelming support for the limit of 20mph to be the norm around schools, on residential streets and in village town and city centres.&nbs...
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Release Date: 28-03-2014

When it comes to driving, you may not be surprised to find that the journey home has been voted motorist's favourite drive.  A new survey conducted by Halfords found that car owners put the a...
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Prestige vehicles impress most on first dates
Release Date: 24-03-2014

It has been revealed that a third of drivers would prefer to hire a prestige vehicle rather than an Estate to make a good first impression on a date.  According to a survey carried out by Eur...
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IAM warn against driving on autopilot
Release Date: 20-02-2014

The Institution of Advanced Motorists (IAM) has urged drivers against driving on autopilot. Recent surveys reveal that 10% of motorists can’t remember any part of their journey. 1,500 drive...
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Councils fine drivers in wrong lane
Release Date: 11-02-2014

All drivers know the importance of staying in the corrent lanes, not only is there a high risk of an accident, but if you manage to get away unscathed chances are high that you will recieve a hefty...
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Concentration is key to driving
Release Date: 11-02-2014

Concentration is key to driving, yet a recent poll by IAM has revealed that only sixty percent of drivers keep focused when behind the wheel. Young drivers were found to be the worst offenders, wi...
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New Catalytic Converter invented
Release Date: 31-01-2014

We are constantly looking for ways to cut fuel consumption and manufacturing costs in vehicles and a way to cut the two have just been discovered by a scientist from the Imperial College London. A ...
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Motorists want limit put on parking charges
Release Date: 21-01-2014

A recent Motorpoint poll reveals that 90% of motorists want to see a limit put on car parking charges.  It was recently revealed that during 2012-2013 councils across England made nearly 600 ...
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Nissan designs new London Cab
Release Date: 08-01-2014

When it comes to trademark and iconic vehicles you would be hard pressed to find one more iconic than the London Taxi, yet even this vehicle is being revamped with next year seeing a fully hybrid, ...
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Government scheme to improve transport
Release Date: 06-01-2014

The Government are planning a scheme which will greatly benefit England’s sustainable transport schemes by pledging a funding boost of £78.5 million. Local transport authorities ou...
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The 12 Delays of Christmas
Release Date: 13-12-2013

With Christmas fast approaching, the roads are getting busier as people rush to finish their shopping or reach relatives’ destinations. However if you think the M1 is at present more chaotic ...
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Scepticism over Speedcameras
Release Date: 26-11-2013

As the austerity of our climate continues to increase, drivers are more often viewing speed cameras as a revenue raising scheme as opposed to accident reducing apparatus. This scepticism can be see...
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Top districts for speeding in the UK
Release Date: 01-01-2000

What with numerous initiatives rolled out to help tackle the issue of speeding, the lengths to which it still occurs on our roads is shocking. 2013 saw new fixed penalty notices being issued meani...
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