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Honest John Awards
Release Date: 03-05-2019

  Online review site Honest John has announced its 2019 awards, highlighting the very best vehicles from each category. HonestJohn.co.uk announced the multitude of awards at the Vinyl factor...
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The NEW Mercedes-Benz GLS
Release Date: 18-04-2019

  Mercedes-Benz have announced their updated GLS model, promising superior luxury and quality in the premium SUV segment. The exterior design of Mercedes-Benz’s range-topping SUV is ...
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2019’s Fastest Selling Used Cars
Release Date: 18-03-2019

  Data retrieved by Indicata UK has revealed which vehicles sell the fastest on the used car market. The survey analysed 98,500 used cars sold in February 2019. 60% of the top 10 run on pe...
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Data Reveals Most Stolen and Recovered Vehicle
Release Date: 18-02-2019

  Data gathered by TRACKER has revealed the Top 10 vehicles that were stolen and recovered in 2018. In 2017, the Mercedes-Benz C-Class ranked number one for the Most Stolen and Recovered v...
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Mercedes have unveiled the 2019 CLA Coupé
Release Date: 10-01-2019

  The 2019 CLA Coupé has been unveiled by Mercedes-Benz, promising to build on the hugely popular A-Class Saloon platform. At the end of February 2019, the new CLA will go on sale f...
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The Weird and Wonderful Manufacturer Merchandise
Release Date: 13-12-2018

  Most manufacturers have a line of merchandise available for the enthusiast, from the obligatory mug to the branded baseball cap - but there are a few odd offerings amongst the normal. Vo...
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Van Drivers Say Dogs Can Be Good For Business
Release Date: 05-12-2018

  Mercedes-Benz Vans have found that dogs have a positive impact on the day-to-day life of van operators. Mercedes-Benz Vans have found that 200,000 van drivers have a canine companion alo...
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Carbuyer 2019 Awards Announced
Release Date: 28-11-2018

  Carbuyer have announced the winners to their Best Car Awards 2019, covering 19 different categories. Every year Carbuyer announce the winners to its awards, ranging from best city car to b...
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Commercial Vehicle Registrations Up for October 2018
Release Date: 15-11-2018

  Registrations of van and pick-up commercial vehicles have increased in October 2018, according to the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT). In October of 2017, SMMT rec...
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2019 Mercedes-Benz GLE - Features and specs
Release Date: 17-09-2018

  The Mercedes-Benz GLE has been refreshed to include new design language, additional safety features and a comfort upgrade. The long-awaited GLE update has finally arrived. The SUV is pro...
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EQC – Meet the first electric Mercedes-Benz SUV
Release Date: 05-09-2018

  Mercedes-Benz have announced their all-electric SUV model, the EQC, set to start production in 2019. The EQC will be first all-electric SUV from Mercedes-Benz, in a bid to move towards e...
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The brand new Audi Q8 - see the new coupé SUV.
Release Date: 27-08-2018

  The Q8 is to be the new range-topping SUV from Audi, offering assertive coupé styling and a sleek new interior. For a long time, the Q7 has perched at the top of Audi’s SUV ...
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2019 A Class Saloon
Release Date: 06-08-2018

  The new A-Class hatchback has been a huge success, and Mercedes-Benz hopes the new A-Class saloon will receive the same welcome. Britta Seeger, a Member of the Board of Management of Dai...
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The top 5 vehicles to lease between £250 - £350
Release Date: 20-07-2018

  So, you have a healthy budget of £250 - £350 + VAT per month. What do you get? This is our breakdown of what we think are the top 5 vehicles to lease for the money. All pricing...
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The top 5 vehicles to lease between £150 - £250
Release Date: 19-07-2018

  Have a budget in mind? Need help narrowing it down to the best vehicles your money can get? We've dwindled the list down to what we think are the top 5 vehicles to lease for a monthly renta...
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Top Five Cars to Look Forward to In 2019
Release Date: 26-06-2018

As the year goes on, the car industry is steering further and further towards electric vehicles, with trends predicting an even larger spike for these sorts of vehicles as we roll into 2019. Ther...
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The new BMW X5
Release Date: 08-06-2018

  The new X5 has landed, refreshing the current model with contemporary styling and enhanced performance. The new X5 sports design, performance and technological upgrades over the previous...
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March registrations are in - see what was most popular at the end of Q1 2018.
Release Date: 24-04-2018

  A study by SMMT has revealed which models had the highest registration numbers in March 2018. See which cars consumers have been buying and leasing the most so far this year.   ...
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The Fleet World Honours 2018
Release Date: 15-02-2018

  Fleet World held their honours for 2018 this month, naming the best when it comes to the motoring industry. In London on the Pall Mall, the 2018 Fleet World Honours were held at the Roya...
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The New Mercedes-Benz Sprinter
Release Date: 04-02-2018

  The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter has been the van of choice for many since it came on sale, and most courier companies wouldn’t disagree with this statement. However, in an ever-competitive...
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Fleet Car of the Year
Release Date: 12-12-2017

A new Fleet Car of the year has been announced for 2017. With 4 different body styles available, an efficient and powerful engine, this year’s number one is deserving of the award. At the ...
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The most popular new car colours
Release Date: 19-10-2017

  According to The Society of Motor Manufacturers & Traders, superminis continue to be the most popular type of car sold up until Quarter 2 of 2017. But what colour is everyone buying the...
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The top 5 vehicles to lease between £350 - £450
Release Date: 30-07-2017

  So, you've got a considerable monthly budget to spend on your new lease, but aren't too sure what to get. Let us point you in the right direction. Here are the top 5 cars to lease for the m...
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The Geneva Motor Show 2017 Preview
Release Date: 07-03-2017

This prominent motor show is all set and ready to thrill once again, and the list of known vehicles being showcased is a staggeringly-good one. A place where historically countless models have b...
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Longest-Running Motoring Event Celebrates its 120th Year
Release Date: 26-10-2016

Longest-Running Motoring Event Celebrates its 120th Year You’ve heard of remember, remember the 5th November but this year you must also remember the 6th November… Bonhams Veteran Ca...
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Jaguar XE Review
Release Date: 05-08-2016

Jaguar XE Review   Jaguar have gone straight to the top in the rankings with their newest saloon car. It’s been a long time since Jag have been in the running for the compact sector but...
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Jaguar XE Review
Release Date: 05-08-2016

Jaguar XE Review   Jaguar have gone straight to the top in the rankings with their newest saloon car. It’s been a long time since Jag have been in the running for the compact sector but...
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Where will our cars be in 100 years time?
Release Date: 11-04-2016

The Future of the Motoring Industry  The wonder of what vehicles will become like in 100 years is a wide mystery. Seeing as in 1989 we'd thought we'd be having flying cars and hover boards by...
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Mazda Mx-5 wins 2016 World Car of the Year
Release Date: 05-04-2016

Mazda MX-5 wins 2016 World Car of the Year & World Car Design of the Year  PLUS - An unmissable Mazda offer at the end of this article...  The 2016 World Car of the Year has been an...
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Geneva Motor Show 2016 Review
Release Date: 10-03-2016

There are motor shows, and then there are Motor Shows. And Geneva is very much the latter. Well into its 102nd year, this prestigious and much esteemed event attracts crowds from all around the w...
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Star Wars or Car Wars?
Release Date: 02-12-2015

It’s been 10 years since the last Star Wars movie hit our cinemas. All the hype around the latest release due, The Force Awakens has got us thinking about if characters in Star Wars were cars...
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Mercedes Benz GLA Review
Release Date: 16-11-2015

The Mercedes-Benz GLA reinterprets the compact SUV segment. Being a light-foot master of all day-to-day challenges yet also ideally robust for off-road excursions, the versatility of its capabiliti...
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Back To The Future
Release Date: 20-10-2015

 It’s almost time for us to go back to the future and experience it in the present, for the famous date of 21st October 2015 as set by Back to the Future is finally here. And whilst the ...
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New Mercedes-Benz GLC  Review
Release Date: 16-10-2015

Mercedes-Benz might have been slow on the uptake to join the medium-sized premium SUV party, but now it’s here and judging by their new GLC model, it’s here to stay. Joining the race...
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The Best April Fools Pranks from Car Manufacturers
Release Date: 01-04-2015

  The automotive industry loves April Fools. Each year, it’s difficult to tell who is joking and who is telling the truth, leading to some comical comments and confused customers. It&rs...
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The Ultimate Road Trip- Bloggers Study
Release Date: 20-03-2015

The evenings are getting lighter, scarves and gloves are being stowed back away in closets and we are beginning to slowly wind down the windows when we drive. And that can only mean one thing- summ...
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UK to become leader of driverless cars
Release Date: 26-02-2015

Will the UK become the leading counry in the pursuit for autonomous cars? The UK has long been the leader of certain prestigious vehicles such as the Rolls Royce, McLaren, Austin Healey and the As...
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Mercedes A-Class Review
Release Date: 23-01-2015

The Mercedes-Benz A-Class has been a roaring sucess for the German manufacturer. We take a look further into this fantastic car.  The latest Mercedes A-Class is a practical hatchback that has...
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Racing to revolution: motoring at CES 2015 so far...
Release Date: 08-01-2015

The Consumer Electronic Show (CES) started this week and has kicked 2015 off with a bang. Motoring companies have only recently started to drive onto the stages of the consumer show, and this year ...
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Round up of 2014 top motoring moments
Release Date: 22-12-2014

2014 has been another rollercoaster year, with plenty of ups and downs in the world of motoring. We have put together some of the top moments from the past year...  January Revamp of the L...
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The 2015 Mini Cooper 1.5D review
Release Date: 17-11-2014

The first mini Cooper with 5 doors will be hitting our roads very soon, so it’s time to find out what the changes mean for the British brand.  The Mini is a car that’s been succes...
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The 10 most luxurious car modifications you’ll ever see
Release Date: 14-11-2014

All car enthusiasts love a good modification. However it’s far more frequent to see a Frankenstein’s monster-like eyesore; with the new parts sticking out like a spoiler on a transit va...
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Driverless Cars: Mercedes Get Their Road Licence
Release Date: 24-09-2014

This week, we’ve seen Mercedes become the latest car manufacturer to receive a licence to test autonomous cars on public roads. The state of California has allowed limited use of public roads...
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Review: Mercedes-Benz C-Class Coupé
Release Date: 02-09-2014

If you’re thinking about getting your hands on the Mercedes-Benz C-Class Coupe, you’d better get used to people staring. The sharp and stylish design of the sleek coupe is guaranteed t...
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Review: Mercedes-Benz ML AMG Sport
Release Date: 06-08-2014

 Distinctive, dynamic and efficient are just three of the words you could use to describe the new Mercedes M Class diesel station wagon. Built to deliver both on and off the road, this vehicle...
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16 Fastest Sports Cars in History
Release Date: 10-07-2014

Ever since the release of the Benz Velo in 1894, the first production car to hit 12mph, automobiles have always strived to outdo each other in the need for speed. As the years fly by, a new car has...
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Goodwood Festival of Speed draws record crowds
Release Date: 04-07-2014

Goodwood’s Festival of Speed 2014 attracted crowds of 200,000 this year, according to the West Sussex-based circuit. It was the largest and most successful event in the event’s histor...
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Goodwood festival of speed 2014
Release Date: 16-06-2014

For motoring fans and speed enthusiasts alike, one event which is firmly embedded into their calendar, is the annual Goodwood Festival of Speed. This year the festival is from the 26-27 of June an...
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Mercedes-Benz C220 CDI Bluetec Sport Auto
Release Date: 11-06-2014

When it comes to quality and performance, the jump between Mercedes-Benz C-Class to E-Class has always seemed greater than the likes of BMW’s 3-series to 5-series and Audi’s A4 to A6. I...
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Fleets ranked for MOT pass rate
Release Date: 06-05-2014

When it comes to choosing a best-selling car, you would not envisage a failed MOT being part of the deal; however it seems that some of the best-selling cars in fleets today have a one in four chan...
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Release Date: 29-04-2014

Cars often are at a battle to be top of the list, but there is one area where it is not so great to reign supreme; that being a car thief’s list, with the BMW X5 remaining firmly in the top s...
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DPF problems push petrol
Release Date: 22-04-2014

Diesel cars have been climbing the popularity ranks; however driver ignorance could push petrol back up on the fleet agenda if problems persist with diesel particulate filters (DPFs).  DPFs h...
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Hydrogen fuel collaboration leads to popularity increase
Release Date: 04-04-2014

A number of leading car manufacturers such as Hyundai, Honda, BMW, Toyota and Mercedes-Benz parent company Daimler, have joined hydrogen fuel supplier and energy consultancies from about the globe....
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Prestige vehicles impress most on first dates
Release Date: 24-03-2014

It has been revealed that a third of drivers would prefer to hire a prestige vehicle rather than an Estate to make a good first impression on a date.  According to a survey carried out by Eur...
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Are electrical vehicles as perfect as they seem?
Release Date: 19-03-2014

There is a great deal of hype surrounding electrical vehicles at the moment, and the vast amount of benefits they pose to both the environment and your wallet. However, past that noiseless engine, ...
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Audi Q3 hits top selling list
Release Date: 28-01-2014

Glass revealed this week that the Audi Q3 has taken first place in this month's league of fastest selling cars with an average of 33.5 days of Britain's forecourts.  The first place victory w...
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Reluctanct attitude to Driverless Cars
Release Date: 15-01-2014

In terms of motoring technology, one project taking the front seat is driverless vehicles. With everyone from Volvo to Google hopping aboard the bandwagon, it is hardly surprising drivers are just ...
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New Mercedes-Benz C-Class unveiled
Release Date: 16-12-2013

Heralding a new chapter in the Mercedes-Benz success story and setting new standards in the premium mid-range class is the all new Mercedes-Benz C-class. With an increase in space, new technologica...
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Volvo to test driverless cars
Release Date: 11-12-2013

In a truly enormous step forward for motor technology, Volvo is planning a large-scale trial of driverless cars on public roads in 2017 on the streets of Gothenburg. 100 cars will drive in normal ...
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Germany forces a revision on co2 emissions cap on new cars
Release Date: 11-11-2013

Contrary to prior debate, European Ministers have acceded to German pressure to scrap an agreement that would cap CO2 emissions from new cars at 95g/km from 2020. In June, the European Parliament,...
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Mercedes-Benz records best-ever October
Release Date: 11-11-2013

According to figures released by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Trades (SMMT) Mercedes-Benz has achieved a record-breaking registration of performances all across the board throughout Octob...
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Euro-NCAP test autonomous braking systems
Release Date: 11-11-2013

New 2014 safety rating procedures will see Euro NCAP giving credit to vehicle manufacturers whose models feature robust forward collision warning and/or automatic braking technology, and now they h...
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Mercedes-Benz introduce exclusive fuel tracker app
Release Date: 06-11-2013

Mercedes-Benz have introduced an enhanced customer version of the Mile Tracker app - the new fuel tracker - which provides an even more efficient way of finding the best place to top up. Using buil...
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Audi 4th best-selling manufacturers in UK
Release Date: 05-11-2013

Audi has crept around competition to become the fourth best-selling manufacturer in the UK, just behind Ford, Vauxhall and Volkswagen; helped by its long-standing policy to expand its model li...
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Car manufacturers embrace hybrid technology
Release Date: 10-09-2013

Mercedes-Benz has announced the impending release of a new version of the S-Class, with incredibly low emissions and an official fuel consumption of 94.2mpg. Available in the UK from September 2014...
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