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Police to introduce mobile phone detection warning signs
Release Date: 12-04-2019

  Mobile phone detection warning signs will be installed in two regions in England, following successful trials in 2018. Thames Valley and Hampshire will be amongst the first to introduce ...
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Peugeot adds all-electric model to new 208 line-up
Release Date: 26-02-2019

  Peugeot have introduced the all-new 208 hatchback, set to arrive along with an electric powertrain model named the “e-208”. The new 208 has its sights set firmly on the class...
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Release Date: 13-02-2019

  Vauxhall’s popular Vivaro van is now available to order, expected to hit streets at the end of summer 2019. Vauxhall’s mid-sized van has finally been updated and will include...
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The Mini Velar – Land Rover updates the Range Rover Evoque
Release Date: 23-11-2018

  The Range Rover Evoque has been completely overhauled for 2019, stealing many styling cues from its older brother, the Range Rover Velar. The Range Rover Evoque has been dramatically red...
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New T-Cross from Volkswagen looks to secure customers in the supermini market
Release Date: 29-10-2018

  Volkswagen have expanded their SUV line-up with a sister model to the Polo: The T-Cross. Outside, the T-Cross sits 97mm taller than its sister model, the Polo, and comes with full front ...
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Audi have totally refreshed their A1 model
Release Date: 22-06-2018

  Audi have refreshed their supermini model, the A1, with all-new exterior and interior design. Audi have built their new A1 to impress. The car now comes with full-LED headlights and the ...
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Ford has unveiled their new Focus model – here’s the lowdown.
Release Date: 16-04-2018

  The Ford Focus is undergoing a much-needed update for 2018. With sharper styling and an abundance of technology, the new Focus will rival the likes of the popular Volkswagen Golf. Like t...
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2017 IAM RoadSmart Statistics on Driver Attitudes
Release Date: 11-01-2018

IAM RoadSmart have produced research centred around driving safety. It comprises of a survey, asking people questions such as “Should the speed limit in all towns and cities be reduced to 20m...
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New DVLA figures on distracted driving
Release Date: 08-01-2018

According to new DVLA figures, 6,000 motorists have been caught twice using their mobile phone when in control of a vehicle. From the 48.2 million driving licence holders in Britain, 6,000 have ...
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The 2018 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross
Release Date: 27-11-2017

  January of 2018 is set to welcome the new Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross which, as the name suggests, is a crossover vehicle to rival the likes of the Nissan Qashqai or Seat Ateca. The Eclipse C...
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Infiniti have announced the new QX80
Release Date: 17-11-2017

At the Dubai International Motor Show, Infiniti unveiled their redesigned QX80 SUV which adorns updated looks and new interior styles. Infiniti have announced their updated QX80 model for 2018. ...
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The top 5 car accessories
Release Date: 16-10-2017

  Most cars built today are done so with extremely high levels of tech and safety features. However, some can lack vital components or simply do not have an option to add them. This list comp...
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The new SEAT Arona
Release Date: 10-10-2017

With prices starting from £16,555, the new compact crossover SEAT Arona is up for order here in the UK. The younger brother of the Ateca SUV is hoping to attract the crossover market with its...
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The new Volkswagen Arteon
Release Date: 14-08-2017

  The new Volkswagen Arteon is open to order this month, hoping to take on the likes of its rival saloons from BMW and Audi. The standard specification of the Arteon (the Elegance model) i...
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The New BMW 6 Series Gran Turismo
Release Date: 13-07-2017

  The new 2018 BMW 6 Series Gran Turismo is finally here. The Crossover has been added to the 6 Series line-up to replace the 5 Series Gran Turismo, promising to retain the sporty and elegant...
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Try our mock-up theory test!
Release Date: 22-06-2017

Figures from the DVSA show that the overall pass rate for theory tests is falling: in 2007/08 there was a pass rate of 65.4%, whereas in 2016/17 there is a pass rate of only 48.2%. This got us thin...
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Penalties for mobile phone use to become tougher
Release Date: 21-02-2017

GEM Motoring Assist warn from Wednesday 1st March 2017 people caught using a mobile phone behind the wheel will receive a £200 fine and six penalty points. If, however, you have been driving ...
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Christmas Car Gifts...
Release Date: 25-11-2016

For those of you who have already started your Christmas shopping – I praise you – you're organised, well-prepared and ready people. For the rest of us, Christmas is happily in the dist...
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The Jaguar I-Pace is coming…
Release Date: 17-11-2016

It’s time to get a little bit excited, not just because Christmas is right around the corner, but because Jaguar have recently revealed their I-Pace concept at the 2016 LA Motor Show. Althoug...
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The Jaguar XE – have they done it at last?
Release Date: 09-11-2016

The Jaguar XE – have they done it at last? It’s certainly clear that Jaguar have had an unsteady past, as their X-Type didn’t quite make the cut and was axed back in 2009. The la...
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Seat get involved in a whole new ball game...
Release Date: 08-11-2016

Seat get involved in a whole new ball game Seat Ateca Review Seat has launched it’s first-ever SUV, the Seat Ateca, and we welcome aboard the Spanish company whilst congratulating them on a...
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The brand new BMW 5 Series review
Release Date: 24-10-2016

A glimpse into the New Year…the brand new BMW 5 Series Along with a fresh start the New Year is bringing the new BMW 5 Series with it, with its host of technology and immaculate design feat...
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Audi Q2 Review
Release Date: 09-09-2016

Audi have revealed their latest car, the Audi Q2 and its available now to buy. This new small SUV brings a new degree of style and class with loads of big car features, but this comes at a price&he...
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15 Car Accessory hacks you can
Release Date: 16-08-2016

For all those moments on road trips when you think …'Oh gosh, I wish I had a…’  Well, look no further here is our Top 15 list of car accessories you should all run to...
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Implementation of ‘Drive-Safe’ modes on smartphones by fleet managers.
Release Date: 16-08-2016

Implementation of ‘Drive-Safe’ modes on smartphones by fleet managers.  Each year there is at least 70 fatal accidents on British roads, where ‘distraction in vehi...
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15 Car Accessory hacks you can
Release Date: 16-08-2016

For all those moments on road trips when you think …'Oh gosh, I wish I had a…’  Well, look no further here is our Top 15 list of car accessories you should all run to...
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Implementation of ‘Drive-Safe’ modes on smartphones by fleet managers.
Release Date: 16-08-2016

Implementation of ‘Drive-Safe’ modes on smartphones by fleet managers. Each year there is at least 70 fatal accidents on British roads, where ‘distraction in vehicles’ a...
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BMW X5 xDrive40e review
Release Date: 31-05-2016

BMW is once again leading the direction of innovative driving pleasure with their new X5 xDrive40e, their latest Sports Activity Vehicle. The first plug-in hybrid production car from the core bran...
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New Kia Sportage Review
Release Date: 14-03-2016

The all new Kia embraces an exciting new future for its Sportage model... With an attractive brand new interior and exterior design, a whole host of advanced new technology features and a higher q...
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Honda HR-V review
Release Date: 10-12-2015

In what Honda is billing as their first crossover, their new HRV is set to take the market by storm. Labelled as having the characterful looks of a coupe with the tough stance of a 4x4, this is a v...
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Old vs New Vauxhall Viva
Release Date: 23-09-2015

The Vauxhall Viva, a heart-warming car for those of a certain generation. The Viva is a small family car that was first produced in 1963 which was Vauxhall’s first flagship vehicle that unfor...
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BMW launches new 7 series model
Release Date: 12-06-2015

BMW have today released pictures and specification for the new 7 Series saloon, including details of two new hybrid models. This sixth generation of the luxury flagship saloon is also a glimpse int...
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Toyota teams up with Oculus Rift
Release Date: 29-05-2015

Have you always been anxious about driving? Is it the loud noises around you?That text message on your phone? Or even just your friends/family that are in the car with you? Well there is now an ob...
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New Ford Mustang comes to Europe
Release Date: 23-01-2015

American Muscle comes to the UK with the Ford Mustang - will it live up to the hype? The Ford Mustang. A vehicle that is as much iconic as it is timeless; has been a prevalent figure of stature in...
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Concept Cars we wish made the cut
Release Date: 14-11-2014

They’re exciting, they’re different, and they’re a chance for car designers to truly go a little bit crazy. Designed to shock, provoke awe and dip a toe in the water for the futur...
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Review: Jaguar XE
Release Date: 10-11-2014

The Jaguar XE’s first deliveries are set for May 2015 but the hype has started already. The XE came out of the blocks with a bang, after being first introduced in London; the XE was flown ove...
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BMW rivals Boris Bikes with new scheme
Release Date: 17-10-2014

We all love the innovative inventions that are Boris Bikes- the simple grab-and-go aspect being a vastly appealing factor. No more worrying about your bike being stolen from a flimsy lock outs...
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The World’s First 3D printed car hits the road
Release Date: 13-10-2014

The world’s first 3D printed car, The Strati, has recently hit the road with a test drive in Brooklyn, New York.  The car, which was created by Local Motors in Phoenix, is a two-seater ...
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The new Ford Mondeo- Review
Release Date: 13-10-2014

The new Ford Mondeo was announced last month, and it has some interesting new technology. The pick of the bunch has to be the Mondeo’s ‘pedestrian detection system’. The new sa...
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What the abolition of the tax disc means to you
Release Date: 29-08-2014

Tax discs have been a present token on our windscreen for over a hundred years, a testiment to the British motor Industry and a small slice of history. And now that is being eradicated, with the ab...
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Review: Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV
Release Date: 04-06-2014

A mud-plugging Mitsubishi SUV with a PHEV engine is one way to describe the new Outlander. Eleven years after Mitsubishi first coined the term ‘Crossover’ this third embodiment of the c...
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New remote payment for Dartford Crossing
Release Date: 13-05-2014

At present, to pass the Dartford Crossing, you are required to pay at the barriers before driving through, a system which creates a large amount of unnecessary congestion. However, as of October 20...
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Vauxhall Vivaro revealed in Birmingham
Release Date: 29-04-2014

The new Vauxhall Vivaro will made its first public appearance at this year’s CV Show. It’s the first unveiling of the van since its completion was finished at Vauxhall’s manufactu...
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Toyota recalls vehicles
Release Date: 09-04-2014

Toyota is issuing a recall on a number of vehicles. This move will affect 35,124 registered UK RAV4, Yaris and Urban Cruiser vehicles and is because of DVSA (Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency) co...
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New Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV
Release Date: 02-04-2014

Being branded the ‘Car without compromise’ the new Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV will offer customers the choice of diesel or plug-in hybrid SUVs for the same price. Launched in the UK this...
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Londons new ParkAround App
Release Date: 02-04-2014

When it comes to parking, how often have you been driving round in circles trying to spot a space, finding one only to have someone in front quickly dive into the spot? Well now you can avoid that ...
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Smarter Parking benefits revealed
Release Date: 28-03-2014

There are plenty of elements which add stress to driving, however once you've steered past the careless motorists, traffic jams and wrong turns and reached your destination, there is one final...
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Health & safety legislation decision questioned
Release Date: 24-03-2014

A recent case has come into light which has seen apparent contradiction to expert opinion on how health and safety legislation should be applied.  The employer of a company car driver who was...
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Ford Focus gets upgraded
Release Date: 24-02-2014

Ford has announced an update to the Ford Focus, upgrading its looks, tech and overall performance. With a new bonnet and grille, it has a lower stance than its predecessor and it looks slender with...
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60% of drivers admit to eating and driving
Release Date: 20-02-2014

Road safety charity Brake and Direct Line are urging drivers to avoid eating food while driving. Research suggests that 62% (more than 6 in 10 people) of people eat at the wheel. Nearly a third (29...
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Lack of driver education puts fleets at risk
Release Date: 12-02-2014

Fleets could be breaking the law if their drivers lack education and ignore dangerous driving legislation, according to new research. The penalty for causing death by dangerous driving is 14 years...
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Business drivers reminded of risks
Release Date: 28-01-2014

Employer responsibilities extend further than the office doors, business owners are being reminded. Road Safety GB North East Region has launched a new campaign to warn businesses that if they negl...
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FTA celebrate success of fuel card
Release Date: 21-01-2014

In the space of a single month, the RHA FTA Fuel Card has drawn a total of 5 million litres of fuel a month, saving members a combined amount of £150,000 against national average pump prices ...
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Audi launches new in-car entertainment technology
Release Date: 16-01-2014

Audi has produced a new portable tablet that does wonders to connect its drivers to the rest of the world from inside the walls of their cars. The Audi Smart Display (ASD) vastly improves network...
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Poll reveals support for tax disc abolishment
Release Date: 06-01-2014

A recent decision made by the Government announced the abolition of the paper tax disc which will include a large revamp of the system which has been around for ninety years. This schemeis est...
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Volkswagen adds to Passat Line-up
Release Date: 03-01-2014

To add to its Passat range, Volkswagen has introduced the new Executive and Executive Style trim levels models to replace the Highline, Sport and R-Line variants. The Executive has a comprehensive...
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Drivers admit to irresponsible parking
Release Date: 26-11-2013

According to a recent survey by Purple Parking, over half of drivers admit to some form of anti-social parking behaviour. On a study of 2,800 participants, it was found that both men and women thin...
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Tune in to mobile phone danger when driving
Release Date: 26-11-2013

Driver distractions are one of the main causes for accidents on our roads, and in association with Road Safety Week, the Freight Transportation Association (FTA) is voicing the importance to driver...
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Mercedes-Benz introduce exclusive fuel tracker app
Release Date: 06-11-2013

Mercedes-Benz have introduced an enhanced customer version of the Mile Tracker app - the new fuel tracker - which provides an even more efficient way of finding the best place to top up. Using buil...
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Can Eyes-Free Driving Change the Way the UK Drives?
Release Date: 01-03-2013

According to recent reports, Vauxhall are set to launch the first car powered with Apple’s Siri technology. This new technology is said to provide drivers with the ability to multi-task witho...
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How will you and your business be affected by ESOS?
Release Date: 23-02-1902

 How could ESOS affect your fleet and your company? You may have heard of The Governments new compliance legislation, the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS)? If you don’t know wha...
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What if Apple really did make a car? Our Predictions
Release Date: 00-00-0000

Apple may be making a car. We give you our predictions for the 'Apple Car.'  Rumours have been whispered across social media for the past week that tech giant Apple are planning on entering t...
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