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Keep up to date with the latest in the motor and automotive world. We cover the leading stories from fleets, car leasing, business cars, new models and more...

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Volkswagen Have Released an Image of a 6-Wheeled Touareg
Release Date: 01-04-2019

  The German car giant has released a first look at the upcoming 6-wheeled SUV, due to launch in 2021. The 6-wheeled Touareg is yet to be officially named, but speculation has it that the ...
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Coca Cola and employees face large bills after company car ruling
Release Date: 28-03-2019

  Coca Cola and two of its employees will face large, backdated bills after a court overturns an appeal from the soft drink giant. One Vauxhall Vivaro and two Volkswagen Kombi vans owned b...
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How much does it cost to charge an electric car?
Release Date: 19-03-2019

  The below table is based on an average electricity price of 14p per kWh. Please note that tariffs during the night are often cheaper than those during the day, and as such it is advisable t...
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2019’s Fastest Selling Used Cars
Release Date: 18-03-2019

  Data retrieved by Indicata UK has revealed which vehicles sell the fastest on the used car market. The survey analysed 98,500 used cars sold in February 2019. 60% of the top 10 run on pe...
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Peugeot adds all-electric model to new 208 line-up
Release Date: 26-02-2019

  Peugeot have introduced the all-new 208 hatchback, set to arrive along with an electric powertrain model named the “e-208”. The new 208 has its sights set firmly on the class...
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Data Reveals Most Stolen and Recovered Vehicle
Release Date: 18-02-2019

  Data gathered by TRACKER has revealed the Top 10 vehicles that were stolen and recovered in 2018. In 2017, the Mercedes-Benz C-Class ranked number one for the Most Stolen and Recovered v...
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The Posh New Renault Clio
Release Date: 05-02-2019

  Renault have redesigned their supermini to allude a more premium feel, using plush interior embellishments and a range of exterior styling upgrades. Unlike the previous model, the new Cl...
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The Weird and Wonderful Manufacturer Merchandise
Release Date: 13-12-2018

  Most manufacturers have a line of merchandise available for the enthusiast, from the obligatory mug to the branded baseball cap - but there are a few odd offerings amongst the normal. Vo...
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Commercial Vehicle Registrations Up for October 2018
Release Date: 15-11-2018

  Registrations of van and pick-up commercial vehicles have increased in October 2018, according to the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT). In October of 2017, SMMT rec...
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New T-Cross from Volkswagen looks to secure customers in the supermini market
Release Date: 29-10-2018

  Volkswagen have expanded their SUV line-up with a sister model to the Polo: The T-Cross. Outside, the T-Cross sits 97mm taller than its sister model, the Polo, and comes with full front ...
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Plug-in Car Grant withdrawn for most low emission vehicles
Release Date: 15-10-2018

  The Government has announced changes to the Plug-in Car Grant (PiCG), which will reduce or completely remove the financial incentives for new low emission car buyers. On October 11th 201...
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The brand new Audi Q8 - see the new coupé SUV.
Release Date: 27-08-2018

  The Q8 is to be the new range-topping SUV from Audi, offering assertive coupé styling and a sleek new interior. For a long time, the Q7 has perched at the top of Audi’s SUV ...
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The top 5 vehicles to lease between £250 - £350
Release Date: 20-07-2018

  So, you have a healthy budget of £250 - £350 + VAT per month. What do you get? This is our breakdown of what we think are the top 5 vehicles to lease for the money. All pricing...
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The top 5 vehicles to lease between £150 - £250
Release Date: 19-07-2018

  Have a budget in mind? Need help narrowing it down to the best vehicles your money can get? We've dwindled the list down to what we think are the top 5 vehicles to lease for a monthly renta...
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The top 5 vehicles to lease for under £150
Release Date: 11-07-2018

  Working to a budget can be tough, especially when working with limited funds. But this doesn't mean you can't get a fantastic car for low monthly rentals - for under £150 per month, h...
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The Volkswagen Touareg is available to order
Release Date: 25-06-2018

  Volkswagen have opened the order banks for their redesigned Touareg model, which promises to be a big technological advancement in the SUV market. The new Touareg was announced in March ...
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Audi have totally refreshed their A1 model
Release Date: 22-06-2018

  Audi have refreshed their supermini model, the A1, with all-new exterior and interior design. Audi have built their new A1 to impress. The car now comes with full-LED headlights and the ...
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The new Volkswagen Golf GTI TCR Concept.
Release Date: 14-05-2018

  Volkswagen have announced plans to build a faster version of the Golf GTI – the Golf GTI TCR Concept. At the Wörthersee show in Austria, Volkswagen showcased their new Golf GT...
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March registrations are in - see what was most popular at the end of Q1 2018.
Release Date: 24-04-2018

  A study by SMMT has revealed which models had the highest registration numbers in March 2018. See which cars consumers have been buying and leasing the most so far this year.   ...
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Ford has unveiled their new Focus model – here’s the lowdown.
Release Date: 16-04-2018

  The Ford Focus is undergoing a much-needed update for 2018. With sharper styling and an abundance of technology, the new Focus will rival the likes of the popular Volkswagen Golf. Like t...
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The new Volkswagen Touareg
Release Date: 27-03-2018

  Volkswagen have unveiled their new Touareg set for arrival in summer 2018, adding that it is the most technologically advanced model they have ever produced. The Touareg has been updated...
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The truth about Electric Vehicles and why you need to get one
Release Date: 22-02-2018

  Electric cars are fast becoming more and more popular as a vehicle of choice, with many favouring the environmental and economic benefits. However, whilst more than 120,000 drivers are enjo...
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The Fleet World Honours 2018
Release Date: 15-02-2018

  Fleet World held their honours for 2018 this month, naming the best when it comes to the motoring industry. In London on the Pall Mall, the 2018 Fleet World Honours were held at the Roya...
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The 2018 Nissan Leaf
Release Date: 06-02-2018

  Nissan have undergone production on their new Nissan LEAF, which promises a larger range than the previous model along with a total re-design. The LEAF is Nissan’s leading electric...
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The New Mercedes-Benz Sprinter
Release Date: 04-02-2018

  The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter has been the van of choice for many since it came on sale, and most courier companies wouldn’t disagree with this statement. However, in an ever-competitive...
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The most popular new car colours
Release Date: 19-10-2017

  According to The Society of Motor Manufacturers & Traders, superminis continue to be the most popular type of car sold up until Quarter 2 of 2017. But what colour is everyone buying the...
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The new SEAT Arona
Release Date: 10-10-2017

With prices starting from £16,555, the new compact crossover SEAT Arona is up for order here in the UK. The younger brother of the Ateca SUV is hoping to attract the crossover market with its...
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Van or car? Tax confusion over company vehicles
Release Date: 05-10-2017

  Are you paying the right tax amount? Confusion arises after Coca-Cola vans are legally regarded as cars.  An accountancy firm in the UK has recently warned that many people may not be...
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The new Volkswagen Arteon
Release Date: 14-08-2017

  The new Volkswagen Arteon is open to order this month, hoping to take on the likes of its rival saloons from BMW and Audi. The standard specification of the Arteon (the Elegance model) i...
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Electric Vehicles by 2040
Release Date: 27-07-2017

  The Government has announced plans to ban the sale of petrol and diesel cars by 2040, leaving hybrid and electric vehicles to become the staple of the motoring market. Petrol and diesel ...
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The New VW Crafter Review
Release Date: 26-01-2017

Volkswagen’s New Crafter is a completely new model which has been labelled as cost-effective and innovative but also extremely practical. VW have stated that this new van was designed by thei...
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BMW 2 Series Active Tourer Review
Release Date: 17-01-2017

The 2 Series Active Tourer is BMW’s first-ever people carrier which represents a noteworthy change for the German manufacturer. With a combination of efficient engines and premium interior th...
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Unveiled: The VW I.D. Buzz
Release Date: 12-01-2017

Volkswagen have introduced their first-ever, all-electric vehicle at the Detroit Motor Show and this revised microbus is breaking grounds in every direction. Following on from Volkswagen’s...
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Catch a glimpse of the new Kia Picanto
Release Date: 06-01-2017

First official pictures for the new Kia Picanto have been released, as we gain a preview of the most recent stylish addition we can’t help but be slightly smitten with the newest city car. Mo...
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How safe is your vehicle to drive?
Release Date: 14-09-2016

How safe are your cars? Family-oriented vehicles are leading the way with the highest levels of safety as standard, according to test results issued by the European New Car Assessment Programme (...
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Top five cars for new drivers…
Release Date: 24-08-2016

Top Cars for new drivers… Congratulations you’ve passed!!! You’ve done the hard bit now it’s time to find you the perfect vehicle. Getting a new car when you’re a ...
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Star Wars or Car Wars?
Release Date: 02-12-2015

It’s been 10 years since the last Star Wars movie hit our cinemas. All the hype around the latest release due, The Force Awakens has got us thinking about if characters in Star Wars were cars...
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Sexism in Car Adverts - Through the ages
Release Date: 27-07-2015

The past century has seen the face of women change significantly- from silent and objectified house-bound objects to equal figures in their own right. Between the early 1900’s to present day,...
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The Best April Fools Pranks from Car Manufacturers
Release Date: 01-04-2015

  The automotive industry loves April Fools. Each year, it’s difficult to tell who is joking and who is telling the truth, leading to some comical comments and confused customers. It&rs...
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Mercedes A-Class Review
Release Date: 23-01-2015

The Mercedes-Benz A-Class has been a roaring sucess for the German manufacturer. We take a look further into this fantastic car.  The latest Mercedes A-Class is a practical hatchback that has...
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Volkswagen Tiguan Review
Release Date: 06-01-2015

Versatile, tough and attractive. The Volkswagen Tiguan is a winner in our books. The Volkswagen Tiguan is often overlooked in the 4x4 and Crossover market - by doing so, you're missing out easily ...
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Volkswagen Passat Estate 2015: Review
Release Date: 19-12-2014

The eagerly awaited eighth-generation Volkswagen Passat has arrived. Set to rival the more upmarket brands such as Audi and BMW, it is hoped the sleeker image and refined technology will revolution...
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Seat Leon Hatchback 1.6D TDI SE 2014 Review
Release Date: 01-12-2014

This could be the best SEAT Leon yet. With responsive brakes, precise steering and a smooth gearbox, the 2014 model is a clean and comfortable drive. The SEAT Leon actually shares its foundations w...
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The 2015 Mini Cooper 1.5D review
Release Date: 17-11-2014

The first mini Cooper with 5 doors will be hitting our roads very soon, so it’s time to find out what the changes mean for the British brand.  The Mini is a car that’s been succes...
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Volkswagen Golf Match Review
Release Date: 15-08-2014

Volkswagen has created a new model for the Golf, ditching the SE and replacing it with the new Match. It’s exactly the same as a regular Golf, so you’ll still get the same speed, hand...
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5 of the Most Stupid Car Accessories Ever
Release Date: 12-08-2014

We’ve all been tempted to spend some of our hard-earned money on superfluous accessories for our cars over the years. Sometimes it’s a funny sticker, others it’s a witty floor mat...
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16 Fastest Sports Cars in History
Release Date: 10-07-2014

Ever since the release of the Benz Velo in 1894, the first production car to hit 12mph, automobiles have always strived to outdo each other in the need for speed. As the years fly by, a new car has...
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Which car is for me?
Release Date: 09-07-2014

Cars are like clothes. There is something for every occasion- the fancy over the top showy pieces, the bland blend-into-the background pieces, the suits anyone goes anywhere piece, and those that f...
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Top 10 most famous cars
Release Date: 13-06-2014

Film & TV has done wonders for so many cars over the decades. Ordinary cars that might have been resigned to the scrap heap or simply forgotten about over the generations have seen their popula...
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Best selling cars of all time
Release Date: 09-06-2014

 Whether they have been in production for a long time, or their qualities have made them unmissable, we have created a list of the top 5 selling cars…      Toyota ...
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Review: Volkswagen Passat Estate
Release Date: 14-05-2014

The Volkswagen Passat Estate was born from Volkswagen’s desire not to revolutionise the Passat, but to enhance competitiveness with other similar brands. And that it does. With a strong engi...
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Fleets ranked for MOT pass rate
Release Date: 06-05-2014

When it comes to choosing a best-selling car, you would not envisage a failed MOT being part of the deal; however it seems that some of the best-selling cars in fleets today have a one in four chan...
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Volkswagen e-Golf available to pre-order
Release Date: 17-03-2014

The Volkswagen Golf is a firm leader as the manufacturer's bestseller, with over 30 million units to their name. And now they are taking a leap to the future with the brand new e-Golf. With drive t...
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Drivers opt for practical rather than luxury vehicles
Release Date: 12-02-2014

When it comes to researching the long-term ownership costs of a vehicle, priorities are changing. New results show that when it comes to choosing a car, consumers will elect for practicality over l...
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Automative driving AdaptIVe project launched
Release Date: 04-02-2014

With a great amount of debate surrounding automated vehicles, a new project in Germany is hoping to further enhance the technology and improve people's perspective.  Run by the European resea...
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Volkswagen introduce the all new Polo
Release Date: 03-02-2014

July will see the all-new Volkswagen Polo arriving in the UK ahead of its public debut at the Geneva Motor Show in March. The vehicle will be equipped as standard with an automatic post-collision ...
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Volkswagen adds to Passat Line-up
Release Date: 03-01-2014

To add to its Passat range, Volkswagen has introduced the new Executive and Executive Style trim levels models to replace the Highline, Sport and R-Line variants. The Executive has a comprehensive...
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Volkswagen launch new R-Line CC
Release Date: 13-11-2013

The Volkswagen CC has proved popular with both private and fleet owners since its launch in 2008; largely due to its saloon-style practicality and coupe style and elegance. And now they are releasi...
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Euro-NCAP test autonomous braking systems
Release Date: 11-11-2013

New 2014 safety rating procedures will see Euro NCAP giving credit to vehicle manufacturers whose models feature robust forward collision warning and/or automatic braking technology, and now they h...
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ACFO Awards 2013
Release Date: 08-11-2013

Since 1973, once a year, around the beginning of November, ACFO (Association of Car Fleet Operators) members and guests gather for the ACFO awards to see which cars have driven to the top. This yea...
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Audi 4th best-selling manufacturers in UK
Release Date: 05-11-2013

Audi has crept around competition to become the fourth best-selling manufacturer in the UK, just behind Ford, Vauxhall and Volkswagen; helped by its long-standing policy to expand its model li...
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